10 Possibly Pro-Russian Politicians – Shocking Statements on the Record

As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s outrageous war rages on, Americans continue to be very vocal in supporting Ukraine. But not all politicians feel the same way. Here are some of the most outrageous quotes from American politicians who seem to be all about Russia in this conflict.

#1: Former President Trump

Former President Trump has long led the pro-Russia charge. Many think that Putin has Trump in his back pocket.

That’s sort of hard to deny when you see quotes like this from 45: “So Putin is now saying it’s independent, a large section of Ukraine. I said, ‘How smart is that?’ And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper. That’s the strongest peace force.”

That sort of stance has long caused problems even within Trump’s own Republican party. Way back in 2017, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy thought Trump was on Putin’s payroll.

“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy said, referring to the president and former California representative Dana Rohrabacher.

#2: Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar

Meanwhile, Republican House representative Paul Gosar from Arizona is no fan of President Biden or Ukraine, but he seems pretty OK with Russia. 

Gosar even used a toxic spill in another state to promote his claims: “Joe Biden visiting Ukraine is a slap in the face to every American, especially the people of East Palestine, Ohio. Ukraine is not our friend, and Russia is not our enemy.”

That didn’t sit well with many Americans, including John W. Dean, former counsel to President Nixon, who said: “Gosar is an evil s.o.b. Not to mention sick. He does not belong in Congress. It is understandable why his family hates him. What can those who voted for him be thinking?”

#3: Montana Republican Matt Rosendale 

Montana Republican Matt Rosendale isn’t too thrilled with Biden, either, and wants to use America’s military might to protect its border with Mexico.

Says Rosendale, “I have major concerns about a compromised president of the United States who is sending incredible support to a less-than-forthright president of the Ukraine.”

#4: Former North Carolina Republic Representative Madison Cawthorn 

And former North Carolina Republic representative Madison Cawthorn takes direct aim at Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

This is a long-held belief, too, dating from 2018: “Remember that Zelenskyy is a thug. Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt and it is incredibly evil and has been pushing woke ideologies.”

That didn’t sit well with everyone, including members of Cawthorn’s own party. North Carolina Chuck Edwards said in response to Cawthorn: “We must unite as a nation to pray for President Zelenskyy and the brave people of Ukraine who are fighting for their lives and their freedom. Anything less is counter to everything we stand for in America.”

#5: Washington Republican Joe Kent

Washington Republican Joe Kent takes it a step further than Cawthorn, though, saying Russia’s demands were “very reasonable” and not really even demands at all.

Right at the start of the war, Kent said, “…we must urge Ukraine to accept these terms. These are very reasonable requests & a path to ending the killing & avoiding further escalation.”

#6: Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene draws some unsavory historical comparisons among her many outrageous claims. She even pulls NATO into the fray.

Says Greene: “And to top it all off, NATO has been supplying the neo-Nazis in Ukraine with powerful weapons and extensive training on how to use them. What the hell is going with these #NATONazis?”

#7: Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy himself, despite being critical of Trump, thinks the American people may be misguided in their support of Ukraine. According to him, it may not last.

Says McCarthy, “I think people are gonna be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to write a blank check to Ukraine. They just won’t do it. … It’s not a free blank check.”

#8: Former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard 

Former representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii thinks America is off-base for trying to sanction Russia. She even renounced her Democrat party and is now an independent.  

Her take: “They are doing so by waging this modern-day siege against Russia, isolating, containing, destroying their economy, starving the Russian people in the hope that the Russian people or the military will rise up and revolt and overthrow their government, and get rid of Putin.”

Gabbard has taken plenty of backlash for her about-face, though. Alexander Vindman, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, called her “an agent of Russian disinformation; you promote Russian aggression and endanger America.”

#9: Ohio Representative Jim Jordan

Ohio representative Jim Jordan doesn’t think there’s much to like about Ukraine, an opinion that he’s held for several years. 

Jordan doesn’t pull any punches: “We’re talking Ukraine . . . one of the three most corrupt countries on the planet. Corruption is not just prevalent in Ukraine—it’s the system!”

#10: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

Meanwhile, Kentucky senator Rand Paul doesn’t think the U.S. should make Ukraine a priority. He wants Americans to focus on problems closer to home and let the Europeans take care of themselves.

Rand focuses on the economy: “No matter how sympathetic the cause, my oath of office is to the national security of the United States of America. We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the U.S. economy.”

Bonus Quotes

If all this isn’t enough to fire you up, here are a few more quotes from U.S. politicians that seem to fly in the face of Americans’ support for Ukraine.

“If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset, not a liability, because we have a horrible relationship with Russia.” – Donald Trump.

“[Putin is] taking over a country for two dollars worth of sanctions. I’d say that’s pretty smart.” – Donald Trump.

“I gotta be honest with you, I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or the other.” – Senator J.D. Vance (Republican, Ohio) 

Outrageous Claims

“No Republican should vote for any money for Ukraine. $0 for Ukraine.” – Trump White House Strategist Steve Bannon

“I’m more concerned with the US-Mexico border than the Russia-Ukraine border. Not sorry.” – Representative Matt Gaetz (Republican, Florida)

“I’m kind of confused why they’re telling us to stand with Ukraine when it seems that everybody affiliated or standing with Ukraine is either transgender, a Satanist, or a straight up Nazi.” – Former Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke (Republican, Delaware)

“Zelensky is a globalist puppet for Soros and the Clintons.” – State Senator Wendy Rogers (Republican, Arizona)

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