$20 Million Mansion on the Line: HOA President Faces Consequences After Ignoring $31 Judgment

This guy filed a $31 lien on HOA president’s $20M house over court-awarded judgment and HOA’s unauthorized special assessment.

Class-Action on Condo

In the midst of a deteriorating building with broken elevators, rooftop AC units, and a pool empty for four months during the summer, a condo owner in a large city in the US found himself in the middle of a class-action style lawsuit with their HOA. 

Despite the issues, the people in the building were friendly, and he had even taken the HOA to small claims court for failing to provide financial documents showing how their fees were being spent, which resulted in a symbolic $1 win.

But the situation took a turn when the HOA announced they would charge each owner a special assessment of about $1,000 and an increase in monthly dues of 10%. 

A membership vote is triggered if the special assessment brings the building more than 5% of its annual income, and as this amount was about 20%, a vote should have taken place. 

Emergency Clause

The HOA claimed it was being made under an emergency clause, which means the membership vote doesn’t have to take place. The emergency? Fixing the elevator that broke on 24 December, 2021.

When the owners pushed back, the HOA sent a threatening email stating that anyone who didn’t pay the assessment would have a lien put on their unit. 

The owners were told that even though the money was in dispute, they still had to pay it, leaving many retirees and lower-income individuals in a difficult situation.

It’s The Principle

Fed up with the situation, the man took matters into their own hands and filed a $31 lien against the HOA president’s $20 million house, clouding its title. 

While some may view this as a petty move, the owner believes it is principle, not money. Now, the title cannot change hands until the HOA president pays the $31 judgment owed. 

After months of fighting and waiting, the man receives an email from the HOA’s president saying he will be paid the $31.

The Essence of Petty

One user said, “$31 lien on a $20M mansion? Man, that’s the essence of petty, and I’m here for it!”

Lookawayplease510 wrote, “Wow, as an HOA president myself, that’s insane. They absolutely have to show you their financial. Can you sue regarding the super illegal $1,000 special assessment?”

What do you think? Should he have gotten more out of the situation, or was the petty revenge enough?

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