25-Year-Old Ordered to Her Room by Mom’s Friend – The Hilarious Crosstown Journey Begins!

A young woman outraged Redditors after laughing when her mom’s friend told her to go to her room. Turns out, obeying would have involved crosstown transit. Here is the whole story.

He Has Very Little Contact With Her Mom

OP is a 25-year-old woman who has almost no contact with her mother. When OP moved out of the house seven years ago, her mom also cut off her contact with her younger brothers. The boys are now 7 and 11 years old.

Recently, though, OP needed to get her hands on her birth certificate. It was one of the few important things she left behind when she left at 18.

So OP arranged to swing by and pick up the document at her mom’s place, then head out.

But as soon as she got there, OP’s mom suddenly remembered that she had a funeral to go to. One of her dear friends had died, and she wanted to pay her respects.

She Expected All Sorts of Drama!

This was no big surprise to OP, who has come to expect all sorts of drama from her mother over the years.

Then OP’s mom turned up the ridiculous dial another notch. Since it was last minute, she said, she didn’t have anyone to watch her kids.

So naturally, her mom wanted OP to stay and care for her brothers for a few hours. OP said there was no way she was sticking around. It was her only day off work, and she already had plans.

That made OP’s mom angry, and she said her daughter was being selfish. But it was a case of too bad, so sad as far as OP was concerned, and she headed for the door.

Her Moms Friend Was Griping About Her Attitude!

In the meantime, OP’s mom had called a friend who agreed to watch the boys. Before OP could leave the place, her mom hit her with one last plea.

She wanted to know if OP could please stay until the friend arrived. It would only be about 10 minutes. OP didn’t have a chance to answer before her mother rushed out the door and was gone.

OP was furious that her mother had dumped her brothers on her. But she was relieved when the mom’s friend showed up a few minutes later, as planned.

That relief soon turned into a fight because the friend started griping at OP for not helping her mom out in a pinch.

“Go to Your Room!”

Even though she didn’t owe the lady an explanation, OP told her that she had nothing to do with her mom. It was her day off, and she just needed to stop in for a few minutes.

OP finished by telling the friend that she had no obligation to watch anyone else’s kids, including her mom’s.

That set off the older woman, who told OP to go to her room. OP laughed in the woman’s face and walked out of the house. The other woman asked where she thought she was going.

OP replied that she was following orders and going to her room. She pays for the one in the apartment by working a “big girl” job.

Did Her Mom Ambush Her Friend?

That was the end of the conversation, but OP’s mom has been bombarding her with nasty messages ever since. She says OP had no right to talk to her friend that way.

OP admits she was pretty snippy, but she thinks her mom and the friend were the ones who were way out of line. Redditors almost unanimously agree with OP and think her mom’s friend was off base.

Many of them think the whole thing was a setup, with the mom knowing all along she was going to try to dump her kids on OP.

Some also think OP’s mom ambushed her friend by making her think OP was still a minor.

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