Can This 36-Year-Old Grandma Find Her Valentine? Teen Mom Daughter Tries to Block Her Date

A double-duty mom sparked outrage on Reddit after she ditched her teenage daughter to go out on Valentine’s Day. The girl had to play mommy instead of celebrating with her friends. Here is the full story.

Grandma at 36

OP is a 36-year-old woman whose 17-year-old daughter is a teen mother.

It’s been a rough few years for OP and her daughter, who first got pregnant at 14. They found out about that baby early, and the girl had an abortion.

But just a few months later, OP’s daughter got pregnant again. This time, she decided to keep the baby, even though OP was against that idea.

So OP told her daughter that the child was going to be her responsibility and she’d have to take care of it.

She Stepped in to Help

Once her granddaughter arrived, though, OP found it impossible to just strap her own young daughter with all the child-rearing responsibilities on her own.

And OP wanted her daughter to finish school. She also loved her granddaughter and spending time with her.

As a single mom, OP was already working multiple jobs. Once the baby came, she shifted to working evening and night schedules so she could watch the baby during the day.

That let OP’s daughter keep going to school, but it also left OP no free time for herself or any sort of social life.

Mom Has No Life

For the most part, OP figured there wasn’t much choice in the matter, and she’d just have to make do with what life served her.

But as last Valentine’s Day approached, OP overheard her daughter talking on the phone to a friend. The two girls were making plans.

At some point, OP’s daughter said she would be free because her mom would watch the baby. OP had no life, her daughter said.

That really stung OP after all she’d sacrificed. And it also riled her up a little.

The same day, a guy OP had been talking to asked her out for Valentine’s day. She had been uneasy about it because she hadn’t been on a date for 6 years.

Grandma Has a Date

And OP also figured she would be taking care of her granddaughter.

But after hearing the way her daughter talked about her, OP decided to take the plunge. She told her guy friend that she would go out with him on Valentine’s Day, after all.

When OP told her daughter about the date, the girl was happy for her at first. But then her gears started turning and the girl realized there might be consequences for her.

OP’s daughter asked if she would be taking the baby with her on the date.

She Had a Tantrum

OP told her there was no way that was going to happen and that the teenager would have to cancel any plans she might have and stay home.

That sent OP’s daughter into a frenzy of emotions. She cried and screamed, calling her mother selfish for picking a guy over her and making her cancel her own date.

OP knew her daughter wouldn’t be happy, but she didn’t expect the outburst. It made her a little angry, too, and more resolute.

In the end, OP ended up going on her date as planned, and her daughter had to stay home with the little girl.

Teaching Her a Lesson

Even weeks later, though, the girl was still angry, and she was barely speaking to her mom. OP feels bad for making her daughter miss out on something, but she also wanted to teach her a lesson.

OP’s sister thinks she did the right thing, but her friend thinks she should have held off on the tough love until after Valentine’s Day.

Redditors, on the other hand, overwhelmingly support OP’s position and think she was right to take a stance.

Many of them think it’s a little late to start teaching her daughter responsibility, but she has to try.

And some point out that OP deserves to have a life, too, so the date was important for more than just teaching the girl a lesson.

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