800 Tattoos and Counting! The Unemployment Woes of a Welsh Mum

In an interview with the Daily Star, one Wales mum shared her heartbreaking rejection story. Although she claims to have the determination and drive to find a job, she claims that everywhere rejects her because of the 800 tattoos she has plastered all over her body.

800 Tattoos and She Can’t Find a Job?

In a revelation that shows the difficult challenges those with tattoos face, Melissa Sloan, a 46-year-old Welsh mother, bravely opens up about her ongoing struggles in finding employment.

Melissa believes her collection of 800 tattoos is the main issue preventing her from securing a job.

Melissa’s love for tattoos began at age 20, and it quickly escalated into an addiction she couldn’t resist.

As the years went by, her body became covered with a shocking three layers of ink on her face, covering older designs with new ones.

… Not Even One Cleaning Toilets

Melissa used to work as a janitor, but her journey to find new employment has been a struggle.

With a heavy heart, she reveals, “I can’t get a job,” her hopes were dashed when she applied for a toilet cleaning job in her local area, only to be rejected because of her tattoos.

The pain of rejection is evident as she shares, “People say I’ve never had a job, but I did have one once, although it didn’t last long.”

Melissa’s determination to find gainful employment shines through as she earnestly declares, “If someone offered me a job tomorrow, I would gladly accept it and start working.”

“I’ll Cover Every Inch of Skin, Even if I Turn Blue”

In a surprising twist, Melissa unveils her commitment to her tattoo journey, promising to continue adding ink to her body until 70.

Melissa proclaims, “I’ll cover every inch of skin, even if I turn blue.”

Melissa’s deep love for tattoos has come at a cost, as she has been banned from numerous establishments, including tattoo shops, her child’s school, and even her local pub.

Melissa shares her heartbreak, revealing, “Tattoo shops won’t let me in.”

Gone Too Far and Was Beyond Help?

She recounts a disheartening experience when a nearby tattoo shop refused to tattoo her face, claiming she had gone too far and was beyond help.

Commenters on the story shared their views about Melissa’s situation, with one summing it up in 4 words, “Crikey! what a mess.”

Another commenter argues that the children are suffering, “If she cannot get a job to support her kids, How can she afford a tattoo? She needs a proper diagnosis as to why she is doing what she is doing. I feel sorry for her children”

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