A Brat Attack at the Lakehouse – When Coffee and a Fly Swatter Create Chaos!

Tom and Lana, a couple in their mid-thirties, loved their peaceful life. They didn’t have kids and liked it that way. They owned a lovely camp by the lake, and every year, they looked forward to hosting their family for a big BBQ weekend. It was usually a good time with laughter, food, and memories made. But this particular year was different, thanks to a young guest named Anna… Let’s take a look.

Anna Started Arguments, Yelling, and Even Hitting Others

Tom’s brother, Mack, had recently started dating Heather. Heather was a mother of three: two boys aged six and eight, and then there was Anna, who was 12.

The boys were pretty easygoing, but Anna was a challenge. She liked causing trouble, and instead of stopping her, her mother, Heather, often just stood by, letting Anna do whatever she wanted.

Anna’s behavior worsened as the family gathered at Tom and Lana’s lakehouse. She was starting arguments, yelling, and even hitting others.

Whenever she misbehaved, Heather would say, “I don’t know why she’s acting like this.” But she never really tried to stop Anna or make her apologize.

She Had a Fly Swatter and Was Pretending to SWAT Flies

One morning, things came to a head. The adults were sitting outside on the deck, trying to enjoy their coffee and chat. But Anna wouldn’t leave them alone.

She kept running around, not listening, when they told her to play with the other kids.

She had a fly swatter and was pretending to swat flies. But instead of hitting flies, she knocked over everyone’s coffee cups.

Lana, trying to remain patient, was hit multiple times by Anna’s swatter. Anna kept saying she was trying to get flies off Lana when there were no flies at all.

“Either Get Your Kid the Heck Out of Here, or I’m Going To Lose Myself”

Lana had had enough. After Anna spilled her coffee a second time (thankfully, it was cold because Lana didn’t drink hot coffee), she warned Heather, “Either get your kid the heck out of here, or I’m going to lose myself.”

Tom also talked to Mack, hoping he could say something to Heather or Anna. But nothing changed.

Not long after, Anna came back to Lana, swatter in hand. She slapped Lana square on the forehead with it and shouted, “Bug, missed him!”

That was the final straw for Lana. In a reflexive act of frustration, she grabbed her freshly made cold coffee and threw it at Anna, drenching her!

“Don’t Let the Door Hit You and Your Demon Spawn on the Ass on the Way Out!”

The deck erupted into chaos. Anna burst into tears, and both Heather and Mack directed their anger at Lana.

Heather and Mack were livid. They accused Lana of being immature and pointed out that Anna was “just a kid.”

Lana, though, remained calm. She placed her cup down and continued her conversation, seemingly unphased by the commotion around her.

When Heather demanded an explanation, Lana responded simply: “Don’t let the door hit you and your demon spawn on the ass on the way out!”

The Importance of Teaching Children That Actions Have Consequences

The aftermath of the incident was a flurry of divided opinions. Some family members believed that Lana owed Anna and Heather an apology.

However, Tom stood by his wife, believing that they weren’t in the wrong given the circumstances. He took to Reddit to see what they thought, and boy, did they love his story!

Many Redditors felt that Heather seemed almost entertained watching her daughter, Anna, misbehave, especially as she swatted Lana repeatedly.

They stressed the importance of teaching children that actions have consequences.

“She Was Smacking Your Wife With a Fly Swatter!”

In this case, Anna’s consequence was a mild splash of cold coffee, considering her repeated harassment. Many expressed frustration with the excuse, “She’s just a kid,” pointing out that it’s precisely because she’s a kid that she needs guidance and boundaries.

One user said, “This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think your wife is amazing. Your brother and especially Heather are the ones to blame.

They should be apologizing for the kid’s behavior. This definitely sounds like a parenting problem.”

Another user agreed, adding, “Anna was smacking your wife with a fly swatter. Does Heather have any idea how much those things hurt?!

They Need To Control Their Daughter

Heather and Mack need to control their daughter and stop allowing her to behave that way. As another Redditor suggested, continue to invite the boys and leave the rest out.

Maybe Heather and Mack should stop being Anna’s friends and start acting like her parents.”

But what do you think? Was Lana out of order, or was her anger justified? What would you have done in her situation? Let us know in the comments!

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