A Bratty Birthday Girl Causes Quite a Stir! ‘I Refuse to Foot the Bill for a $4,600 Birthday Bash!’

A popular TikToker, Vicc Gotti, found himself at the center of a heated argument during a friend’s birthday dinner, all because of a staggering $4,600 bill.

A HUGE Bill of $4,600!

Vicc Gotti uploaded a jaw-dropping video capturing the tense moment at the restaurant when the birthday girl suggested splitting the hefty bill among the group.

The bill amounted to a staggering $4,600!

Gotti and another man were having none of it. They protested, pointing out that they hadn’t ordered as much as others who had indulged in expensive steaks and lamb chops.

Gotti shared that the restaurant they dined at was “very expensive.”

The Birthday Girl Refused To Pay

The birthday girl refused to pay for anything on her big day, leading to a heated exchange between Gotti and the others at the table.

In the caption of the video, Gotti revealed the shocking truth: “Y’ALL STORY TIME THIS GIRL WAS MY BEST FRIEND SINCE THE 3rd grade … and she got in front of her other friends and started acting funny with me they call me and our friends broke because we didn’t want to pay a 4,600 dollar bill.”

The video sparked a fiery debate in the comments section, with viewers sharing their thoughts on how they would handle such a situation.

“Am I the Only One Who Pays for What I Eat on My BD?”

One person shared, “I know it’s controversial, but am I the only one who pays for what I eat on my bd? If someone wants to pay, cool, but I’m not expecting that to happen.”

Another chimed in, “Everyone splits the birthday person’s meal, and then you pay for whatever you got.”

A third suggested a discreet way out: “I would’ve quietly asked for my check separately paid and left.”

They Are No Longer Friends!

“Tip! If you don’t want to split the bill or even pay tax on a large party, go to the bar at the beginning, order your food and drinks and pay there. Simple.” One user argued.

In a subsequent video, Gotti revealed that he and the woman at the center of the controversy are no longer friends because of this unfortunate incident.

Would you bite the bullet and pay for your share? Let us know in the comments.

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