A Controversial Discovery – A Black TikToker Calls Out Portland Bar for Mimicking NWA Rap Font and Sparks Debate on Cultural Appropriation!

This TikToker found a bar in Portland Called NWIPA that used the same font as the NWA rap group. Given that white people own the bar, the TikToker questioned them on the morality of using the same font as a black activist rap group with a specific word in the name that’s forbidden for white people to say. 

Rapper Accuses NWIPA Bar of Being Racist

A TikTok video featuring Amiri Bradley, a Black TikToker known as @opbamiri, has gone viral as he accuses a bar in Portland, Oregon, of using the same font as the rap group NWA.

Bradley shares his thoughts about NWIPA, the white-owned neighborhood bar, and criticizes its name and advertisements.

Despite being owned by white individuals and attracting mostly white customers, he argues that the bar’s use of the NWA font amounts to cultural appropriation.

It Stands for Northwest India Pale Ale

The bar responds by stating that NWIPA stands for Northwest India Pale Ale.

Initially thinking the bar was Black-owned, Bradley confronts the staff and customers about the logo and font resemblances.

He expresses confusion: “In a city known for George Floyd protests and a neighborhood with Black Lives Matter signs everywhere, this doesn’t sit right with me.”

He claims to have been laughed at and labeled as “racist” by what he calls “old white guys.”

“So, Black People Own Fonts Now?”

He alleges that older white men mock him, dismissively asking, “So, Black people own fonts now?”

Bradley emphasizes the significance of NWA, an all-Black rap group that gained fame by challenging racism in their West Coast communities.

In another video, Bradley recounts an encounter with a white man in the bar who had dreadlocks.

Bradley argues that the man, originally from North Carolina, incorrectly claimed that white people had dreadlocks before Black people.

TikTokers Encourage Viewers To Leave Reviews of the Bar

The white man allegedly defends himself by claiming he experienced racism because of his Black friends, even before Bradley was born.

The TikToker encourages viewers to leave reviews of the bar, which has since changed its name.

One commenter writes, “I commend your efforts, but some people are just horrible! Not worth our time because they know what they were doing!”

He Changed the Name to Northwest IPA!

Another commenter suggests the possibility of a lawsuit, saying, “NWA and the font might not be copyrighted due to lack of originality, but it is trademarked. This could lead to a legal battle.”

The bar’s owner reached out to Bradley to apologize and promised to change the font to read “Northwest IPA” for clarity.

Do you think the bar crossed a line by using this font? We want to know your thoughts in the comments.

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