A Cowboy Builder Has Worked Against Him to Ruin His Life

Ty had been looking for a new home ever since he and his wife separated. He finally found a fixer-upper that was up for purchase close to where he lived. He was thrilled to finally have a place of his own, and he couldn’t wait to start fixing it up to make it his dream home.

He Trusted Him

One of his friends helped him find a contractor to work on the house while Ty was subleasing a place for a couple of months.

This contractor, who was a friend of a friend, was hired to fix a few things in the house, and Ty trusted him to do the job well.

However, things did not go as planned. The contractor had some “health issues” and took a week longer than expected to show up after being hired.

Once he started working on the house, he began finding more and more issues, and he convinced Ty that fixing these issues wouldn’t take long. Ty believed him, and the project got bigger and bigger.

The Deadlines Were Extended

The deadline got extended a few times, but the contractor never met the deadline. He would skip days and wouldn’t tell Ty, and he promised to cover the missed days on the weekend but never showed up.

Ty explained to the contractor that he needed to move into the house ASAP since he was going through a divorce and his lease was about to expire.

The contractor guaranteed that the house would be ready by then, but when the day came, the house was not ready. The contractor said he only needed another week, but he kept saying that for almost three months!

Ty eventually fired the contractor after another friend took a look at the house and told him that it was at least a month away from being ready. The contractor flipped and started threatening Ty.

Full Access to His House

He wouldn’t give Ty his keys back and said that Ty was holding his stuff hostage. The contractor also stated that he was allowed to enter Ty’s house whenever he wanted to pick up his stuff.

Ty was terrified and felt helpless. He called the police, and they came and stayed with him until the contractor cleared his stuff out of the ripped-apart house and gave Ty his keys back.

The contractor even stole some stuff on the way out and asked Ty to pay him for the work he had done on top of the $10,000 he had already received from Ty a month ago.

Ty was devastated. The only available contractors he could find were booked for the next two months, which meant that he had to find a new place to stay for three more months.

The House Was in Shambles

The house was in shambles, and he needed plumbing, electrical work, flooring, walls, and a kitchen installation before the house was even livable again.

The electrical system was unfinished, the plumbing was halfway, there were no floors, all the walls were open, and the contractor even took the shower apart.

The contractor had discovered a leak and had disassembled the kitchen cabinets to get to it, but he’d left them stacked on the floor, and the countertop had broken during disassembly.

Ty couldn’t even camp in the house because there was no running water or floors!

His Lease Expired in Three Days

Ty’s lease was going to expire in three days, and he was supposed to move into the house two weeks ago. His future ex-wife refused to help him and told him not to bother her with his problems.

She stated that he couldn’t go back to sleep in his office in the house he was still paying the mortgage for. Ty worked from home and had nowhere to go during the day since he didn’t have an office to work from.

To make matters worse, it was his birthday weekend, and he had his kids for the next five days, and he had nowhere to go.

His future ex-wife told him not to bother her with his problems and refused to let him sleep in his office in the house he was still paying the mortgage for.

His House Was in Worse Condition

He had spent three months and $10,000 to get his house in a worse condition than it was, and he was about to become homeless. Ty was at his wit’s end. He felt like he’d screwed up his life beyond repair.

Redditors felt for Ty. They were quick to offer him some advice in the hopes it could improve his situation. One user said, “If she’s getting the house, make sure the mortgage transfers over to her as well.

Don’t end up paying for a house you don’t own. Talk to your lawyer.”

Best of Luck

Another user told Ty to “Get a gym membership and shower at the gym. Fill up several water bottles at the gym to take home.

Working from home just became working from the car in free WIFI areas like Mcdonald’s parking lots. If electricity is off in the home, charging a laptop and phone may be a problem.

Locate the nearest public bathrooms to the home. Best of luck.”

What do you think Ty’s options are here? Have you ever had an issue with a cowboy builder?

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