A Cunning Twist? Trump’s ‘Crooked Joe’ Nickname for Biden in 2024 Election Revealed as a Cover-Up for His Own Dishonesty

Donald Trump has used several nicknames about his various political opponents.  In the 2024 election campaign, Trump shifted from the “Sleepy Joe” nickname to “Crooked Joe” to show that Biden interfered with indictments against him.  Here’s how this went down.

The Name Calling Has Begun!

The name-calling has already begun despite the 2024 election being nearly one year out and has seen over a dozen candidates enter the race to win the nomination of their political parties.

However, Americans will likely get a rematch of the 2020 election, which saw Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump remained the current leader in election polls of Republican voters to win his party’s nomination.

While he continued campaigning to win the GOP nomination in the 2024 Republican primary votes, the former president wasted no time ramping up attacks on the current president and potential Democratic opponent, Biden.

Trump Using “Crooked Joe” Nickname To Convince the Voters of the President’s Dishonesty

In the 2020 election, Trump continually used the nickname “Sleepy Joe” about Biden.

Trump appeared ready to move on from his 2020 nickname and has started to refer to Biden as “Crooked Joe.” Trump seemed to be focused on using the “Crooked Joe” nickname to convince the voters of the president’s dishonesty.

“These indictments and lawsuits are all part of my political opponent’s campaign plan,” Trump said in a social media post. “Crooked Joe pushed this litigation hard to get it done. This is a new low in Presidential Politics.”

“Physically, He’s Not Exactly a Triathlete or Any Kind of an Athlete”

While moving away from the “Sleepy Joe” nickname, Trump is still taking jabs about Biden’s health.

“I think he’s worse mentally than he is physically. And physically, he’s not exactly a triathlete or any kind of an athlete,” Trump said of Biden in a recent interview.

Trump has been indicted four times in 2023 and faces over 90 charges, with multiple court dates coming in 2023 and 2024.

The four indictments target charges against Trump related to the 2020 election in Georgia, the national 2020 presidential election, federal classified documents, and hush money paid to adult actress Stormy Daniels.

… Leading to a Divide Among Republican Candidates

Election polls have shown that many Americans don’t agree that the indictments against Trump were politically motivated.

In addition, there has been no evidence that Biden influenced the indictments against Trump, with several cases involving prosecutors that don’t answer to Washington D.C.

The switch from “Sleepy Joe” to “Crooked Joe” could also lead to a divide among Republican candidates on their key offense against the president.

At the first Republican primary debate, several candidates took on Biden’s role in the indictments, while others said that Biden was too old and weak to serve another term as president.

“A Demented Genius”

This story generated a massive reader response with comments from both sides of the political aisle.

One reader commented, “That JB – he’s versatile!  A demented genius.”

Another quipped, “He’s a senile doddering old criminal mastermind! Hmm. Actually, that’s just Trump describing himself. Which is pretty much what he’s doing whenever he attacks someone.”

There were comparisons to the “Crooked Hillary” stance Trump took in 2016 “It worked with Hillary because they spent nearly a quarter century turning everything she did into a scandal.

“Trump’s Base Is Too Stupid or Too Cultish To Understand When Two Opposing Points Cannot Be True at the Same Time….”

With Biden they don’t have that kind of time.”

The digs continued, “Trump’s base is too stupid or too cultish to understand when two opposing points cannot be true at the same time….”

However, there was support for Trump’s name calling. X user Tim Sweeney declared, “He’s 100% correct on both counts. An embarrassment of riches, so to speak, with Biden’s ineptitudes.”

“Biden’s dementia has gotten worse. His corruption has gotten even worse.” another reader posted on X.

A Level of Irony in Trump Calling Biden “Crooked” Given the Number of Charges He Faces

Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz said “Donald Trump is running on the same, unpopular agenda that lost him the election in 2020. No name-calling that he shouts into his MAGA echo chamber changes that fact,”

There could be a level of irony in Trump calling Biden “crooked” given the number of charges he faces and the fact that he was the first president to face federal charges and was also impeached twice.

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