A Deceitful Military Vet Did a Bunk Owing Vast Amounts of Money and Then Vanished into Thin Air

In this tale of hotel shenanigans, a front desk worker encounters a guest who tests their patience and leaves them with a perplexing mystery. Let’s dive in.

A Guest’s Audacious Behavior

Logan, a laid-back and friendly front desk worker, had his fair share of interesting encounters with hotel guests.

However, one particular guest managed to leave a lasting impression with their audacious behavior and unexpected disappearance.

It all started when this guest, a military veteran, booked a room at the hotel under the government rate. Little did Logan know that this guest’s stay would take an unexpected turn.

A few weeks into their stay, the guest approached the front desk requesting an extension of their accommodations for an additional ten days.

Payment Became Complicated

Logan, always eager to assist guests, proceeded to process the extension. However, when it came time for payment, things became complicated.

The guest did not have a valid credit card on file and proposed an alternative method – paying with Visa gift cards received from the Veteran’s Affairs Office.

It seemed like an unconventional solution, but with the guest’s assurance and a manager’s validation, Logan agreed to accept the gift cards as payment.

At first, everything seemed to go smoothly. The guest diligently made an advanced deposit for the first two nights using a gift card, and their stay continued without incident.

He Paid in Gift Cards and Cash

They paid off their balance every few days, either with more gift cards or in cash. Logan thought the situation was manageable, as the guest consistently contributed to their outstanding balance.

It appeared as though the guest understood their financial obligations and was making an effort to settle the debt.

However, as time went on, the guest’s payments started to become irregular. They began delaying their contributions and occasionally fell behind on their balance.

This raised some concern among the front desk staff, who contacted the guest multiple times to remind them of their outstanding payment.

The Hotel Staff Were Puzzled

Each time, the guest reassured them that they had provided all the necessary gift cards and had taken care of their balance.

Unfortunately, despite their claims, the guest’s account continued to show a negative balance, leaving Logan and the hotel staff puzzled.

As the guest’s checkout date approached, tensions began to rise. Their balance remained significantly in the red, and the guest’s promises of payment became increasingly empty.

Logan and the managers were in a predicament. They couldn’t allow the guest to check out without settling their debt, yet the guest seemed uncooperative and unwilling to address the situation.

He’d Done a Bunk. His Room Was Vacant!

Then, on a seemingly ordinary Wednesday night, something unexpected happened. The diligent housekeeping staff entered the guest’s assigned room to find it completely vacant.

There were no personal belongings, no signs of occupancy—just an eerie emptiness. The guest had vanished without a trace, leaving the hotel staff astounded and frustrated!

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the managers intensified their efforts to contact the guest. Phone calls went unanswered; emails went unreturned.

It was as if the guest had disappeared into thin air, taking their outstanding debt with them.

The Felt Used and Deceived

Logan and the rest of the staff were left feeling used and deceived. They had extended their trust to the guest, believing their promises of payment, only to be left with an unresolved financial burden.

As days turned into weeks, the hotel’s attempts to collect the outstanding payment proved futile. It became apparent that the guest had no intention of rectifying the situation or honoring their financial obligations. 

Logan and his colleagues have learned some valuable lessons from this experience.

They now approach similar situations cautiously, ensuring clear payment arrangements are in place before extending accommodations to guests in need.

Highlighting the Importance of Trust

This unforgettable incident taught Logan the importance of establishing trust, maintaining open lines of communication, and securing reliable payment methods.

It served as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and even the most seemingly trustworthy individuals may act in unexpected ways.

Moving forward, Logan vowed to exercise greater diligence when handling payment matters and to maintain a healthy skepticism when faced with unconventional payment proposals.

In the end this peculiar tale of disappearing debts and unexpected vanishing acts left a lasting mark on Logan and their colleagues.

Unscrupulous Individuals

It underscored the need for vigilance and reinforced the importance of thorough financial agreements in the hospitality industry.

By sharing this story, Logan hopes that others in similar positions will remain vigilant and cautious, ensuring that their trust is not misplaced and their businesses remain protected from unscrupulous individuals.

Redditors empathized with Logan’s Position. One user said, “Oof, that sucks. At my hotel, the only way to use the government discount is to be on Official government business and or active military.

If not, we move it to government leisure just to prevent people from trying to take advantage of the rate now. We also moved to no longer accept pre-loaded debit cards because this situation kept happening to us.”

What do you think about this story? Have you ever given someone an inch, but they’ve taken a mile?

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