A Doctor Introduced Gender Identity Concepts to His Young Son Who Just Wanted To Play Football

A father’s viral TikTok video expresses concern over his nine-year-old son being questioned about gender identity during a routine medical appointment.

Nightmare Routine Medical Visit

What was supposed to be a routine medical appointment for his two sons turned into his personal nightmare when his wife called him with some unsettling news.

The video features a concerned father expressing his frustration over his 9-year-old son being confronted with questions about gender identity during a routine medical appointment.

Identifying himself as a “common sense enthusiast,” the father, known as “@jotojavin” on TikTok, voiced his indignation at the fact that his son, whom he described as a “boy’s boy,” was introduced to concepts of gender fluidity without his prior knowledge or consent.

In the video, the father narrates the encounter at the doctor’s office, where his son had gone for a medical checkup before playing on his school’s football team. 

The Doc Asked His Son if He Was a Boy, Girl, Genderfluid, or Non-Binary – He’s Only 9!

The doctor asked the 9-year-old whether he identified as a boy, girl, genderfluid, or non-binary, leaving the father taken aback as his son was unfamiliar with these terms.

“My 9-year-old son went in first, and the first thing this woman asks him is if he identifies as a boy, a girl, genderfluid, or non-binary,” the father exclaimed. 

The father argued that such inquiries were irrelevant to his son’s medical consultation, which was solely meant to clear him for physical activities like playing football.

Feeling a surge of anger, the father pulled over to record the TikTok video, expressing his frustration with the situation.

If You Think “I’m Just a Transphobe or All That Stuff, You’re Messed Up”

He revealed that his wife had taken their 9 and 7-year-old boys to the doctor for their physicals, and he was grateful that she was the one present during the questioning about gender identity.

“This is ridiculous,” he exclaimed. “And to the people out there who think that there’s nothing wrong with that, and I’m just a transphobe or all that stuff, you’re messed up.”

“This is ridiculous,” he continued, “and there’s something wrong with you.”

Should the Doctor Have Introduced Gender Identity Concepts to a Young Child?

The video has sparked a heated debate on social media, with some supporting the father’s concern about the introduction of complex gender identity concepts to a young child during a routine medical visit. 

Others, however, argue that discussing gender identity with children can be important for their understanding and acceptance of diverse identities.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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