A Family Feud Erupts. He Labels His Disabled Sister-In-Law an “Irresponsible Leech” Amid the Financial Strain of Their Newborn and Threatens His Wife With Financial Cut-Off!

A frustrated husband drew ire from Redditors when he revealed that he threatened to remove his wife from their joint bank account. At issue was the way she was treating her sister. Here is the full story.

His SIL Has a Partial Disability

OP has been married to his 25-year-old wife for five years. All during that time, and when they were dating, her sister was a big part of their lives.

That sister, who is now 20 years old, has a partial disability, making it difficult for her to work. OP has always known about it, and he and the younger girl always got along.

OP’s wife and her sister are super close to each other. And, thanks to the younger woman’s ongoing health concerns, the older sister has always watched out for her, just like the rest of the family has.

OP was okay with that relationship when the women were younger, and he figured that his wife’s sister would eventually grow up and become more independent.

And His Wife Supports Her Financially

But now that they’re both adults, OP’s wife seems to have taken on more and more responsibility for her sibling.

OP’s wife spends a lot of her money on her sister and drives her back and forth to doctor’s appointments. And even when the sister does invite OP and his wife out for lunch, she expects them to pay.

It was all a little annoying but manageable until OP and his wife welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl. His wife has been off work since the baby was born, and that’s where the conflict comes into play.

Now down to one income, OP thought his wife would put all her focus on their baby, but she still spends a lot of time and money helping her sister.

They Have a New Baby To Look After

And it doesn’t help that they live 45 minutes apart, which means his wife is away a lot and also costs more for gas.

So now OP feels like he is supporting the family on his own and paying for everything his wife wants to do for her sister. OP thinks they should spend any extra money on their new baby instead.

And part of the problem is that there’s not much extra money in the first place. OP says they’re barely making ends meet on just his salary.

With all those concerns swirling in his mind, OP sat down with his wife and told her she needed to stop spending so much money on her sister. That idea didn’t go over too well, and the couple ended up in a big fight.

He Called His SIL an Irresponsible Leech

OP called his sister-in-law some pretty mean names, including an “irresponsible leech.” The argument got way out of hand, but he ended it with an ultimatum.

OP told his wife that she had to stop spending money on her sister, or he would cut off her access to their joint bank account.

Then he told her that her other option was to go back to work so she could contribute to the family income again.

That stung OP’s wife, and she reminded him how much she was contributing by taking care of their baby. He agreed but said they still had to pay their bills.

He Can’t Afford To Support His SIL Too

Now, OP’s wife is panicked because she feels she still needs to help her sister out. And OP feels terrible for putting his wife in a tough spot and straining their relationship.

The bottom line for OP is that he has to keep his family afloat financially. And there’s just not enough room in the budget to support his sister-in-law.

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