A Family Feud Erupts When She Sues Sister-In-Law After Her Lavish Wedding Turns Property Into Disaster Zone

A young woman riled up Redditors when she revealed that she was taking her sister-in-law to court over damages to her dad’s property. It seems that no good deed goes unpunished! Here is the full story.

She Was Always on the Hunt for Handouts

OP is a 24-year-old woman whose dad is pretty well-off. He owns property in multiple countries and knows how to run his business.

OP and her husband also have solid careers, making her a target for his family.

OP’s sister-in-law is the biggest problem, and she’s always trying to get a handout from OP and her family.

That sister-in-law has been married three times and has three children, all under the age of 10. And it’s her most recent wedding that caused problems for OP.

She Wanted To Use a Family Property for Her Wedding

As the sister-in-law and her fiance were getting ready for their wedding, the SIL asked OP if they could use one of her dad’s properties for the ceremony.

OP didn’t want to help because of the bad blood between her and the sister-in-law, but then she reconsidered. They were family, after all, so she had trouble refusing her SIL outright.

So OP asked her dad if he had a place they could use for the wedding. He agreed but told his daughter she needed to get a contract with the sister-in-law.

In particular, OP’s dad wanted the sister-in-law to pay him a small fee and to agree to cover any damages her party did to the property.

… With a Substantial Discount

At first, the sister-in-law rejected the contract idea and wanted a family discount. But OP told her the price she quoted was already cheaper than they’d charge anyone else.

In the end, OP’s sister-in-law signed the contract. Before the wedding OP’s dad gave the SIL keys to the place and told her to return them to his daughter the day after the ceremony.

OP’s sister-in-law returned the keys to her after the wedding as agreed. Then OP drove over to the property to check it out

OP was shocked to see alcohol bottles floating in the pool, torn beds, and a laundry list of other damages and messes.

The House Was Trashed!

When OP called her dad to report on the property’s condition, he asked her for an estimate of the damages. She thought putting the place back in order would cost about $1,000.

Then OP’s dad called her sister-in-law and told her that she owed him $1,000 for damages, as per their contract.

OP’s sister-in-law was furious and said they were family and shouldn’t have had to pay in the first place. She also said she couldn’t go on her honeymoon if she paid the dad $1,000.

Next, the sister-in-law called OP to chew her out for taking advantage of the family. She also commented sideways about how her family was much more fun than OP’s.

It Would Cost $1,000 To Repair

Despite her tirade, OP’s dad gave her sister-in-law 30 days to pay. When she didn’t, he had his lawyer send her a letter saying they would take her to court.

Now, OP’s sister-and-law and mother-in-law have been calling nonstop. They want OP and her husband to pay the $1,000.

But OP’s husband is on her side and refuses to bail out his sister.

The situation has completely deteriorated, and OP feels terrible that her husband’s relationship with his family is so strained. But she doesn’t think she or her dad did anything wrong.

She’s an Entitled Brat Who Doesn’t Want To Take Responsibility for Her Actions

Redditors strongly agree with OP and her dad on this one.

They think OP’s sister-in-law is a jealous, entitled brat who doesn’t want to take responsibility for her actions.

Some even say OP and her dad shouldn’t accept payment now and should force the SIL to settle the matter in court.

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