A Family of Goblin Children Caused Absolute Havoc and Disbelief at His Museum!

In this story, we follow Teddy’s experience as he deals with a woman and her unruly children and how they ultimately receive their comeuppance!

A Proud Volunteer at a Local Veterans Museum

Teddy is a proud volunteer at a local veterans museum. He has been giving tours and working on the museum’s website for a while now, and it has become one of his favorite things to do.

It’s a way for him to give back to his community and honor the brave men and women who fought for their country.

One day, as he was getting ready to give a tour, Teddy noticed a family entering the museum. They seemed to give off a bad vibe, and he couldn’t quite put his finger on why.

Loud mom, meek dad, and four goblins, who, as soon as they entered the museum, ran in four different directions. The kids immediately started climbing on the displays, which was a major concern for Teddy and the other staff.

Kids Started to Fight

The displays are over 10,000 square feet of military equipment, including tanks, jeeps, trucks, helicopters, command cars, motorcycles, and much more.

Angry Kid One and Angry Kid Two started to fight in the middle of the museum floor, and they almost knocked over a group of World War II and Korean War vets.

Teddy and the other museum docents quickly intervened and pulled the kids apart. But instead of scolding her kids for their bad behavior, the entitled mom started screaming at them for touching her precious little angels!

Things only got worse from there. One of the kids tried to shove the other kid’s head into a steel tank. The family was from Canada, and they only spoke French, which made communication even more difficult.

Tried to Reason With Their Mom

Teddy and the other docents tried to reason with the mom, but she was having none of it. She accused them of harassing her children and demanded that someone fire them!

Fortunately, the museum director, a retired army colonel, came onto the floor just in time. He spoke French and a few other languages, and he was able to communicate with the entitled mom.

But she was still insistent that the museum staff be fired, even though they were all volunteers.

While this was happening, the youngest kid, Angry Kid Four, ran under a rope and started to grab one of the display rifles, a B.A.R. Browning Automatic Rifle.

Sprang Into Action and Grabbed the Rifle From the Kid

Teddy quickly sprang into action and grabbed the rifle from the kid. The kid fought back, and when he tried to pull it away from Teddy, he fell on his backside and started bawling and screaming.

The entitled mom and the colonel saw the whole thing, but she accused Teddy of knocking her son down and demanded that the museum fire him! 

The colonel calmly told her that there were cameras that had caught everything and that they had warned her children not to touch the displays. He firmly asked the family to leave the museum.

But the entitled mom was not about to go quietly. She started to scream in French, and all four kids came running over to her. She stormed out of the museum, still yelling about how rude the staff was.

It’s Not a Playground for Entitled Children!

Teddy and the other docents couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. They were a veterans museum, not a playground for entitled children!

After the family had left, the colonel translated everything that the entitled mom had said during her rant. He laughed as he explained that she had demanded they give her son the rifle since they had hurt him!

The entire staff at the museum had a good chuckle about the whole ordeal, but they were also relieved that no one had gotten hurt.

Teddy couldn’t help but think about how important it was to educate people about the sacrifices that veterans had made for their country.

The Importance of Respecting Public Spaces

The museum was a place of honor and respect, and it was not a place for entitled children to run around and cause chaos!

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting public spaces, especially those dedicated to education and history.

Entitled behavior can have serious consequences, not just for the individuals involved but also for the exhibits and other visitors. It is crucial to follow the rules and guidelines put in place for the greater good of everyone.

Teddy’s encounter with the entitled family at the museum was certainly an unforgettable experience.

The Family Caused Chaos and Disruption

From the moment they entered, the family caused chaos and disruption, disregarding the rules and safety precautions put in place to preserve the valuable exhibits.

However, despite their unruly behavior and the woman’s unwarranted accusations, Teddy and the other museum staff remained composed and professional throughout the ordeal.

What do you think about this story? This story could have ended in disaster, luckily the family were ejected from the museum before anything too bad happened!

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