A Heartbreaking Moment – Pregnant Wife’s Simple Joy Stolen, Leaving Her Feeling Alone and Misunderstood

A father of 5 sparked outrage on Reddit after he told his wife it’s ridiculous to cry over a can of soup. You can only imagine how he feels about spilled milk! Here is the whole story.

She Was Hormonal and Very Pregnant

OP and his wife have four children, ranging in age from 2 to 7 years old. His wife was four months pregnant with their fifth baby when they ran into a big speed bump.

Because daycare is so expensive and because they have so many kids, OP and his wife decided that she would stay home and take care of them all.

But money is tight even without paying for childcare. OP is the only breadwinner, and there are many mouths to feed.

Recently, OP’s wife’s car broke down, and they couldn’t really afford to fix it. So they had just been relying on his wheels to get everything they needed.

She Was Craving a Certain Brand of Soup

Sometimes, if his wife needed to go somewhere during the day, OP would make other arrangements to get to work and leave the car with her.

But most of the time, OP took the car. That meant his wife was stranded at home all day with four kids and a pregnancy that was about halfway through.

One day, while OP was at work, his wife texted him and told him she had a wicked craving for a particular soup. He told her he’d stop on the way home and get some, and he followed through.

OP’s wife was thrilled to see the can of soup in his hand when he walked through the door. She put it on the kitchen counter and told him she would eat it as soon as she got the kids ready for bed.

But His Dad Ate It!

She went upstairs to take care of the kids while OP continued his evening routine. While she was gone, OP’s dad came by and mentioned that he was hungry.

They had just finished their dinner before his wife went upstairs, so OP told his dad to grab whatever he wanted from the kitchen. The older man rummaged around for a few minutes, then left.

Not long after his dad left, OP’s wife came downstairs. He could hear her moving things around and getting more and more agitated.

When OP asked his wife what was wrong, she said she couldn’t find the soup he bought her.

… Not Realizing It Was Off-Limits

OP told her that his dad had been there but didn’t think he had taken the soup. The older man hardly ever ate canned food.

But since his wife was panicking, OP called his dad just to check. Sure enough, Dad said he had taken the soup since no one told him it was off-limits.

When OP’s wife heard about the soup’s fate, she cried and complained that she can never get even one thing she wanted.

After about an hour of listening to her sob, OP told his wife that crying over a can of soup was ridiculous.

She Didn’t Feel Cared For

That set her off even worse, and she told OP he didn’t understand how emotional she was because of the pregnancy and their life circumstances.

OP then called his mom, looking for support, but she told him he was being a fool.

Redditors completely agree with OP’s mom and think he minimized his wife’s needs.

Many of them point out that the whole blow-up wasn’t really about the soup but about OP’s wife not feeling respected or having any control over her life.

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