A Karen Condemns His Tattoos Using the Bible, But He Fires Back with Chapters and Verses She Never Saw Coming!

In a recent Reddit post, a memorable incident with a local Karen. Here’s the whole story.

A Comment Made by a Karen at the Store Got Under His Skin

About a year ago, this memorable incident occurred at OP’s local Walmart.

OP typically doesn’t go out of his way to draw attention. However, he does have two visible tattoos: one depicting a puzzle piece representing autism awareness and another portraying a cross.

These tattoos hold personal significance for OP and are a part of his identity. However, a comment made by a Karen at the store got under his skin.

OP is the son of a pastor and has been involved in preaching with the Gideons at detention centers. He believes in giving individuals the freedom to choose their own religious path. He does not push his beliefs onto others.

“A Cross Tattoo, Is That Supposed To Make You a Good Christian?”

Back to the story, as OP went about his shopping, gathering ingredients for fajitas, he decided to use the self-checkout since he only had a few items.

While waiting in line, he overheard a disgruntled voice saying, “A cross tattoo, is that supposed to make you a good Christian?”

He turned to face the source of the comment—a middle-aged woman who stood about five feet tall. OP replied with a touch of humor, “Yes, it is a cross. Geometry seems to be working well for you.”

Little did he know that his response was not what this particular Karen, the self-proclaimed “thumper,” was expecting.

Deeming Them Unholy and Defilement of God’s Temple

She disapproved of tattoos, deeming them unholy and defilement of God’s temple. This was when Karen realized she had chosen the wrong person to engage with on this topic.

OP unleashed a barrage of biblical facts upon her. He began by referencing the Bible, which mentions tattoos only twice. The first reference, Leviticus chapter 19 verse 28, aimed to correct the pagan usage of tattoos.

He pointed out that if we followed those rules, certain haircuts, including sideburns strictly, would also be considered sinful.

He mentioned Isaiah chapter 44, verse 5, where God’s name was symbolically placed on Israel’s hand.

He Referred to Chapters and Verses of the Bible

Then, in Romans chapter 12, verses 1 to 3, he explained how one can present their body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to the Lord.

Additionally, OP referred to 1 Corinthians chapter 6, verses 19 to 20, instructing believers to glorify God in their bodies.

It became evident that Karen’s use of the temple metaphor was misapplied; it referred to sexual sin, not tattoos.

OP found himself caught up in the moment, passionately sharing these biblical insights. To his surprise, people around him began listening intently.

She Expressed Outrage at the Audacity of Someone With Tattoos Lecturing Her on the Bible

Karen’s facial expressions transformed, mirroring those of a kyogen mask. After presenting his case, she embarked on her holy crusade, expressing outrage at the audacity of someone with tattoos lecturing her on the Bible.

OP calmly questioned why he had to reference the Bible to disprove her if she truly knew it.

Before she could utter another word, a bystander approached OP and said, “I’ve never seen someone win an argument against the Bible with the Bible.”

Karen was far from pleased. She erupted into a screeching tirade, labeling OP a false prophet and asserting that his words would corrupt souls.

Judging Others Is Considered a Sin in the Bible

In response, OP calmly pointed out the irony of her judgmental behavior, highlighting that judging others is considered a sin in the Bible.

Karen’s face turned beet red as if she were wearing face paint.  She stormed off to the checkout, muttering to herself the entire time.

OP patiently waited, allowing parents with children to proceed ahead of him. The bystander, who had engaged in the conversation with him earlier, returned and was eager to continue discussing the Bible.

They delved into various topics, conversing as they left the store.

“It’s People Like You That Actually Get Folks To Consider a Relationship With God”

Although Karen had long disappeared from the scene, OP couldn’t help but reflect on the encounter and offer a word of caution to any “Karen” with the Reddit post.

Several Redditors commented on the post sharing their support for OP.

One Reddit user shared, “I have nine tattoos which include both legs up to my knee. I never have a hard time at church. I’ll be ready now if I ever get called on it. I always wear a cross so it’s possible! Great job OP.”

Another Redditor commented, “It’s people like you that actually get folks to consider a relationship with God and be open to discussing it. It’s people like her that drive people away from it. Good for you! And please keep going into the folks locked up. They need you. Thank you for your service!”

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