A Little Girl’s Attempt at Styling Her Moms Hair Had the Internet Screaming with Laughter at the Heartwarming Moment

A hilarious video shared by a mother on TikTok shows her young daughter attempting to style her hair using her “hot breath”.

Their Duo Fun Left the Internet in Hysterics

Christy Wilkerson-Harvey, a budding YouTuber and mother, shared a funny and endearing moment with her youngest child that left the internet in hysterics!

Unable to resist the urge to share the comical incident, Christy took to the internet to upload a snippet of her mommy-daughter time.

In the video, Christy sat on the floor with her hair fully blown out while her daughter wielded a Denman brush, diligently passing it through her mother’s long locks.

The little girl, unable to use hot tools, came up with an alternative method and leaned in close, opening her mouth and breathing heavily on her mom’s hair.

Hot Breath Stylin!

Explaining the situation in the text above the clip, Christy revealed that her daughter resorted to using her “hot breath” when other options were off-limits.

With great enthusiasm, the little girl continued breathing on her mother’s hair, convinced that her unique technique was working.

The video, posted by Christy on TikTok under the handle @harveygirl352, has gained over 894,800 likes and 7.7 million views.

Fellow moms and online users joined in on the laughter, commenting on the amusing nature of the mother-daughter interaction during their playful hair styling session.

Creative in the Craziest Way

Some praised Christy, calling her an awesome mom for embracing the hilarity of the situation. 

“Lmaoo nah these kids creative in the craziest way,” one viewer laughed. 

“”THIS!! This is why I love working with kids, they are so effortlessly hilarious,” another wrote.

Others jokingly expressed their aversion to hot breath, emphasizing that they would react differently if their own children attempted such antics.

Maybe a Hairdressing in the Making

“Hair smelling like chips and apple juice lol,” someone commented. 

“The way my son breath be smelling he knows better to play in my face like this,” another said. 

Many users playfully acknowledged the little girl’s ingenuity, hoping that her passion for hair styling would continue to flourish.

Perhaps her love for experimenting with her mother’s hair will pave the way for a future career in the industry.

Kids Bring Laughter into Our Lives

The heartwarming and amusing moment between Christy and her daughter serves as a reminder of the joy and laughter that children bring into our lives, even in the simplest and silliest of moments.

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