A Man Calls the Cops on the City Workers Blocking His Driveway. He Was Insensed!

A man asked the city workers to move their machine out of his driveway. They did but a little while later they had used their truck to block his driveway. The man called the cops to take care of it. To find out what the cops did, read on.

Unannounced! City Workers Were Digging up Their Yard

One morning OP was woken up by the noise of someone digging up his front yard. City workers were digging up the yards of everyone on the street.

There was no notice in the mail or flyers taped to the door. Nothing that gave OP the heads-up that this would be happening.  OP was annoyed but willing to move past it.

OP’s wife works from home. To get away from the noise, OP takes his wife out to lunch.

They were gone for about 45 minutes and came home to find a large machine in their driveway blocking their other car and taking up space needed to park the car they were in.

He Had to Park in the Street

OP parked on the street and asked when they would move the machine. OP wanted to be understanding if they were going to move it in a few minutes.

The problem was none of the 20-plus workers seemed to speak English and OP did not speak Spanish.  With hand gestures, they were able to understand that OP wanted the machine moved.

OP was annoyed but willing to let it go until an hour later the city workers parked their truck with a trailer in front of OP’s driveway.

There was plenty of room for them to have parked without blocking any driveways. OP thinks they did this as retaliation for him asking them to move the big machine.

He Had to Be at Work in Less Than an Hour

OP needed to go to work in less than an hour and felt that he would not be able to communicate the urgency to the city workers.  He tried calling the city but nobody answered.

So, left with no other choice, OP called the police non-emergency line and asked what he should do.

The police send a Spanish-speaking officer out and the officer had the city workers move their truck. The officer told OP that they were digging to put in fiber optic cables. OP thought that was good news.

After the officer left, OP noticed that the city workers seemed angry and kept staring at his house and talking. He does not know what they were talking about but it was not a happy tone.

He Was in a Foul Mood

Feeling stressed, in a foul mood, and having a bad headache made OP call in to work so he could switch his shift with someone.

OP wants to know if he was wrong in calling the police.

The Reddit Community feels that OP was right to call the police for help. The city workers likely knew they were not supposed to block driveways and got upset when they were called on it.

Redditors also felt that it was very likely at least one of the workers spoke English, they were just choosing not to.

It Was a Traffic Infraction

PureWolverine6465 points out that in some places it is a traffic infraction to block entrances and driveways.

Lexicon444 says that there has been construction going on in his area and all the driveways have been kept clear.

DogsRgrStoo thinks that OP should document them parking in his driving by taking pictures. That way he has proof that the city workers damaged his driveway.

Perdovim points out that in some places the city is required to have someone on site that can communicate with the homeowners.

The City Should Give Them Notice

Stefie25 says that usually, any work that is being funded by the city requires notice to be given to all the affected households.

MoveOnSingAlong says she lives by a park on a dead-end street and parents are always blocking her driveway. Cops have had to be called many times to find the car owners and have them move their cars. The people clocking the driveway were entitled and hostile.

Was OP wrong for calling the police?  Was there another way to handle this?  What are your thoughts?

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