A Man’s Quest for $4 Coffee Refund Brews Up a Storm on TikTok!

A man has faced severe backlash after demanding $4 from his date for a coffee outing before berating the woman for not responding to his request for a second date.

“Why Did You Request $4?”

In a TikTok video that has taken the internet by storm with over 250,000 views, Katlyn, @katlyn_phipps, shared a series of messages between her and the man in question.

In the exchange, he brazenly requested $4 through Apple Pay. Curious and taken aback, Katlyn asked him outright, “Why did you request $4?”

His response left her dumbfounded, as he justified the request by stating, “I assume the second try for breakfast is canceled by now, so that’s for the coffee last week since it seems like we’re never gonna go out again. Really just don’t understand what games you are trying to play.”

To provide context, Katlyn posted a follow-up TikTok explaining the background of her encounter with the man.

“If He Is Tripping Over $4, He Shouldn’t Even Be Dating. He Should Be Picking up Extra Shifts”

They had initially connected on the dating app Hinge and decided to meet for a casual coffee date. During the date, he had graciously offered to pay.

Due to her demanding schedule of working “12-hour shifts at the hospital,” Katlyn couldn’t immediately confirm her availability for a second meeting.

Little did she expect to wake up to a $4 payment request for her own coffee. Katlyn’s TikTok video, aptly titled “Things men have: the audacity,” ignited outrage among fellow users.

Viewers flocked to the comments section to express their opinions, “If he is tripping over $4, he shouldn’t even be dating. He should be picking up extra shifts,” One user hilariously pointed out.

“Man’s Rock Bottom if He’s Requesting FOURS DOLLARS.”

Another user exclaimed, “Man’s rock bottom if he’s requesting FOURS DOLLARS.”

Other users ended up sticking up for the guy, “I mean?? If ur not feeling someone u should probs tell them?”

“Why not? You can’t pay for your own coffee?” a second user asked.

Was she right to out the guy on TikTok? Should she have just paid for her own coffee after not responding? Let us know in the comments.

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