A Man’s Untimely Death in Lake Cunningham Leaves Investigators Puzzled – They Were Issuing a Warrant to an Unrelated Person at the Time of the Tragedy

A man was found dead in Lake Cunningham after jumping into the lake while deputies were serving a warrant to someone else, and his accidental drowning is currently under investigation.

Police Discovered a Body in Lake Cunningham

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office has confirmed that the body discovered in Lake Cunningham on Sunday afternoon was Chuck Gilbert Shelton Jr., aged 38, according to an official release on Monday. 

The circumstances surrounding Shelton’s death are peculiar, as it occurred while deputies from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office were executing a warrant at the location where he was found.

According to a statement released by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office on Monday afternoon, the incident unfolded when deputies arrived at 964 River Road around 3 pm to serve a warrant for a ‘Failure to Appear in Court’ to an individual at the residence. 

During the execution of the warrant, an unrelated male, later identified as Chuck Gilbert Shelton Jr., unexpectedly fled from the residence and leapt into Lake Cunningham.

The Investigators Are Puzzled

The reasons behind Shelton’s sudden flight and subsequent actions remain unknown at this time, leaving investigators puzzled as to the sequence of events that led to the tragic outcome. 

Witnesses at the scene reported that Shelton swam a short distance before disappearing beneath the water’s surface, and despite immediate efforts by the deputies on site to locate him, he did not resurface.

Tragically, the Greenville County emergency rescue dive team was called in to conduct a search operation in the lake, and it was around 4 pm on Sunday afternoon that paramedics pronounced Shelton dead at the scene. 

The coroner’s examination revealed that the cause of death was freshwater drowning.

… And Seek To Unravel the Inexplicable Turn of Events Leading To His Death

Witness accounts further suggest that prior to his disappearance underwater, Shelton was last spotted above water approximately 15-20 feet away from a dock located near Lake Cunningham Road, heightening the mystery surrounding the incident.

While the coroner has ruled Shelton’s death as an accident, the case remains under active investigation to determine the circumstances that led to the tragic incident. 

As authorities delve deeper into the events leading up to Shelton’s untimely demise, they seek to unravel the inexplicable turn of events that occurred during the routine execution of a warrant.

For now, friends and family of Chuck Gilbert Shelton Jr. are left grappling with grief and unanswered questions, as they await further updates from the ongoing investigation into the shocking incident that claimed his life.

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