A Mother’s Shocking TikTok Video – She Throws Out 5-Year-Old’s Toys to Teach Him That Women Aren’t Born Cleaners!

A recent TikTok video has gone viral, stirring up a heated debate among viewers when Tabatha Marie, a mother, decided to take matters into her own hands after her five-year-old son refused to clean his room. Tabatha threw all his toys into a trash bag to teach him not to expect women to clean for him.

“Trash, Here We Come”

Tabatha shares, “My son wouldn’t clean his room, so I decided to do it for him.”

Tabatha can be seen on camera saying, “Trash, here we come,” as she starts bagging up his belongings.

The footage reveals a spotless, empty room at the end, with the caption, “I hated seeing the look on his face… It hurt me just as much, but my babies will not be disrespectful.”

She explains her motive behind the extreme lesson: “Momma is not raising no disrespectful men.”

3.4 Million Views, 600,000 Likes, and 23,000 Comments on TikTok!

“It is not a ‘mommies’ job or a ‘womans’ job to clean anything” the text continues.

“You see mommy struggling, you help her,” Tabatha argues in a harsh lesson that she ensures her, “babies will learn quickly.”

The video has garnered an astonishing 3.4 million views, 600,000 likes, and 23,000 comments on TikTok.

The audience is divided on whether this approach is right for a 5-year-old.

“Are You Serious? He Is 5 Years Old. It Is Your Job To Help Him at That Age!”

One viewer comments, “Are you serious? He is 5 years old. It is your job to help him at that age. You clean up the room TOGETHER. So clearly, you are the lazy one. Poor child.”

Another suggests, “Parents or siblings should help or have them do small areas.”

Supporters of Tabatha applaud her for taking a tough stance on discipline, “Good job, Mom! People that don’t agree also have kids that don’t respect anyone.”

“He Gets His Train Back Tomorrow”

Another agrees, saying, “Way to go, mom. You clean how I clean!”

In the comments, Tabatha clears up any questions about whether the toys went into the trash, writing, “They’re in the basement. He gets his train back tomorrow.”

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