A Navigational Nightmare! His Wrong Turns Ignite Relationship Crisis as Girlfriend’s Sleep Habits Spark Heated Blame Game!

This guy has been getting frustrated when his girlfriend says she’s always too tired to drive, and every time he drives, she falls asleep, resulting in him taking the wrong turn. When she wakes up, they argue about who’s at fault, and it’s taken a massive strain on the relationship.

They Go Out Several Times a Week and Take Turns Driving

Piper and her partner, John, had been dating for seven months and enjoying each other’s company. They go out several times a week and take turns driving.

Recently, Piper has left all the driving responsibilities to John, arguing that she doesn’t feel like driving or making any effort.

On longer trips that last longer than five or 10 minutes, Piper would doze off, leaving John to navigate alone.

Piper would wake up and complain about tiredness when they reached their destination, despite napping the entire journey.

She Went To Sleep, He Took the Wrong Turn

Piper insists that she gets enough sleep and refuses to seek medical help, further frustrating John.

They planned to visit a restaurant an hour away in an unfamiliar area. John asked Piper if she would stay awake to assist with directions, but she reassured him she would.

When the time came, Piper quickly went to sleep after promising John she would stay awake. John took the wrong route, driving through the wrong toll lane and missing the correct exit.

Piper blamed John for not paying attention, refusing to take responsibility for her actions. Finally, reaching a breaking point, John decided to take a stand.

He Turned the Car Around and Took Her Home

When Piper fell asleep just ten minutes from their destination, he made the tough call to turn the car around and take her back home.

Tired of feeling like a taxi driver and dealing with Piper’s complaints, John felt it was time to set boundaries. Piper didn’t take it well, becoming angry and accusing John of being strange.

Now, John is accusing Piper of taking advantage of his kindness, and he has turned to Reddit to ask for advice.

“She Is Inconsiderate and Rude”

Reddit users were happy to help, with most suggesting that the girlfriend should seek medical advice, “She needs to go see a doctor this aint normal and on top of that she is inconsiderate and rude.

Others chimed in with their own experience with one expressing concern, “I was like this for a while too, it was iron deficient anemia.”

What advice would you give to John in this troubling situation? Let us know in the comments.

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