A Neighbor With a Vendetta Against His Family Tried to Intimidate Him Out of His Garden, but He’s Standing Strong!

A guy took to Reddit to talk about the dispute he’s been having with a nightmare neighbor who doesn’t respect his privacy.

He Hated Conflict

PJ has never been the kind of person to hold grudges or to seek revenge. He was always the type to let bygones be bygones and to move on from conflicts as quickly as possible.

But there was one person in PJ’s life that had pushed him to his limits and made him see red: his neighbor, whom he and his family had nicknamed B.

It all started eight years ago when PJ and his family moved into their new house. They were excited to be homeowners and eager to start their new lives in their new neighborhood.

But from the very beginning, B seemed to have it out for them. She hated children, and PJ’s kids were only four and seven at the time.

She Spread Rumors About His Family

She spread rumors about them to the other neighbors, painting PJ and his family as terrible people and making it clear that she wanted nothing to do with them.

PJ loves gardening, and it’s an activity that helps with his anxiety disorder.

As a child, he spent countless hours tending to his parents’ plants, and when he and his wife moved into their new home, he was eager to create his own oasis. Unfortunately, B was always in the way.

Sadly, as time went on, PJ’s love of gardening became a source of stress and anxiety for him, thanks to B.

She Tried to Intimidate Him

In their country, a 2m fence was the standard height, but the fence between their properties, which B claimed was jointly owned, was only 1.5m tall.

B would watch PJ every time he was outside, making disgusted faces and snarky comments. It was clear to PJ that she was trying to intimidate him and make him feel uncomfortable in his own backyard.

PJ knew he had to take action, so he gave B a choice: they could either put up a trellis to add a bit of privacy to the existing fence, or they could put up a standard 2m fence on their side of the property.

B reluctantly chose the trellis, claiming that a 2m fence would block the sunlight in her garden.

She Was Obsessed With the Fence

PJ knew this was a weak excuse, as he had been tracking the sunlight levels for years and knew that it wouldn’t make any difference to her sunbathing habits.

Fast forward to a month ago, and PJ had finally had enough. The fence that B was so obsessed with hadn’t been touched in the eight years that they had been neighbors, and the posts were starting to rot.

PJ had taken it upon himself to reinforce the posts on his side and support the fence during storms, but he knew it was only a matter of time before it would break.

He had also planted evergreen shrubs in front of the fence and trellis, which had been growing for six years without complaint from B.

Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

PJ decided to take matters into his own hands and offered to pay for a brand new 2m fence. But B refused, threatening to take legal action against them.

PJ was done playing nice, so he told her to keep the old fence and deal with it if it broke. He thought that was the end of it, but he was wrong.

Yesterday, two big 2m tall evergreen plants got delivered to PJ’s house.

B saw them and stormed out into her garden, shouting at PJ’s dad, who was working on replacing their shed roof, “You’re not putting those plants in here, are you!?”

He Felt a Sense of Satisfaction

She completely ignored PJ and his husband, who were preparing to plant the first evergreen.

She then proceeded to tell PJ’s dad that they were nightmare neighbors who didn’t do what she wanted and stormed back into her house, defeated.

PJ was shaking with anger, but he felt a sense of satisfaction that he hadn’t felt in a long time. Finally, he had a bit of privacy in his own backyard, and he knew that he had stood up to B and won.

But he was also worried about what she might do next, so he decided to take precautions.

A Small Victory Against His Nightmare Neighbor

He’s taking regular photos of his plants, reporting any threats to his property, and going to see if he could get any soil testing kits in case she tries to poison his plants.

PJ hates that woman, but he knows that he has won this battle – a small victory against his nightmare neighbor!

He has taken back control of his garden, and she can’t do anything about it. From now on, PJ will make sure that his garden is a sanctuary, a place where he and his kids can play, relax, and enjoy without being disturbed.

Redditors enjoyed his tale and offered some advice. One user said, “I’d install a camera along the fence line to watch for if she sprays or pours something over into your yard.”

What do you think of this tale? All he wants is some privacy in his own garden; shouldn’t that be a guarantee?

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