A Night Stalker’s Sinister Gaze – Model’s Terrifying Encounter Caught on Camera, Yet No Help in Sight!

One woman released shocking doorbell footage of a creepy guy who continues to look through her bedroom window in the dark. She had no idea about the stalker until her mum warned her, when they called the police they did nothing to help!

A Relentless ‘Stalker’

Gustė Janušauskaitė, a model from Florida, shared bone-chilling TikTok footage that captures a relentless ‘stalker’ who invaded her property.

In a video that has sent shivers down viewers’ spines, Gustė captions the chilling footage, “Still can’t believe this happened to me, the PTSD is real – stay safe out there ladies.”

The Ring doorbell footage reveals the haunting presence of the ‘stalker’ lurking in the shadows outside Gustė’s residence.

Under cover of the night, this unknown individual displays an unsettling interest in her front door before slowly moving towards the bedroom window.

… Watching Her Sleep

In the clip, you witness him peering through the window, inches away from Gustė’s room as she sleeps.

The video has already garnered over 1.6 million views, leaving viewers concerned about Gustė’s safety.

The TikTok community reacted with a mix of fear, empathy, and support for Gustė.

One commenter said, “looks like he’s planning something with how he’s checking out the structure of the house. Be safe.”


Another argued that police need to do more, “I’ve said it a million times… POLICE DON’T DO ENOUGH TO PROTECT WOMEN.”

In a follow-up video, Gustė sheds light on the shocking revelation that unfolded thanks to her mother’s act.

As her mother repeatedly alerted the authorities about the stalker, their advice amounted to little more than locking doors and keeping blinds closed.

“This Is Literally How Women Die Because No One Listens to Us, and We’re Constantly in Danger.”

The lack of concrete action and protection leaves Gustė seething with outrage, “This is literally how women die because no one listens to us, and we’re constantly in danger.”

Her words echo the frustrations of countless women who feel unheard and let down by the systems meant to protect them.

Do you think we need to do more to protect women? Get involved in the comments.

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