A Racist Troll Made His Life a Misery Until He Fooled Him into Revealing His Identity. Revenge Is Sweet and Very Polite!

This story is about Dean, a committed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) enthusiast, who found himself under the constant trolling of a nasty Twitter user. Despite his love for the sport and the discussions surrounding it, Dean became a target of a relentless online harasser. It’s a tale of internet trolling that took an unexpected turn when the victim decided to bring the bully to account!

He Was Passionate About His Sport

About a month ago, Dean was actively engaged in a Twitter conversation about a particular UFC fight.

He passionately commented, sparking off a reaction from a young Twitter user who took offense to Dean’s views. This teenager decided to make it his personal vendetta to troll Dean relentlessly.

This person was no novice. His account was a toxic swamp, overflowing with his hateful messages.

Each post was a trophy, a screenshot of the accounts he had successfully irritated enough to block him, and each proudly captioned “another one owned.”

Trolling Behavior

Instead of blocking this persistent troll, Dean decided to take a different path. He didn’t want to give the adolescent the satisfaction of victory.

The troll escalated his behavior, clinging to every comment Dean made and bombarding him with several messages each day.

Dean’s strategy was to ignore the troll, hoping that his lack of reaction would eventually bore the youngster. However, the harassment went on for 19 long days.

After nearly three weeks of relentless trolling, Dean decided it was time for a little payback. His counteroffensive was simple.

The Troll Mistakenly Verified His True Identity

Dean asked the troll that if he had a problem with him, and to send him his phone number if he did, a request the troll initially ignored.

However, after another week of Dean’s silence, the troll relented and provided his number. Dean asked for proof to verify its authenticity, which the troll naively sent.

Dean then cross-referenced the area code on Google to locate his harasser’s whereabouts.

Yet, Dean needed more information to positively identify the troll. His break came when the troll unwisely sent a celebrity his PayPal QR code, hoping for some financial “blessing.”

He Hit the Jackpot

Dean decided to utilize this opportunity to try and pay the troll, hoping to discover the name associated with the PayPal account.

Once he had the name, he cross-referenced it on Facebook within the area code linked to the phone number the troll had provided.

Dean hit the jackpot – he found his troll.

The confirmation came from the cover photo of the troll’s Facebook account; it was the same dog he’d posted pictures of on Twitter!

He Gave the Troll One More Chance

Dean decided to give the troll one last chance to apologize. Yet the troll continued his tirade, hurling racial slurs at Dean.

Pushed to his limit, Dean took it up a notch and revealed that he knew the troll’s true identity by showing screenshots of his and his mother’s Facebook profiles!

The troll had conveniently labeled her as his mother on the social platform, and this was all Dean needed.

This move startled the troll, causing an immediate drastic change in his behavior. He was scared and began to apologize profusely.

Strike Fear into the Troll’s Heart

Dean, not entirely remorseless, warned the troll that he would be monitoring his future online activities.

The mere suggestion of unveiling his real identity to others he intended to troll or even finding his address was enough to strike fear into the troll’s heart.

Dean felt a twinge of guilt for his retaliation but justified it as necessary, given the troll’s disturbing behavior.

To top it off, after being blocked by the troll, Dean shared a screenshot on his account with the caption, “Another one owned!”

He Was Only 15!

As it turned out, the troll was merely a 15-year-old! Dean felt it was an appropriate, albeit petty, retaliation.

However, he also felt a sense of justice, believing the youngster got what he deserved – and hopefully, he’d think twice in the future about spreading hatred and racism online!

Thus, ends a riveting saga of how an ordinary man named Dean turned the tables on a relentless Twitter troll, teaching him a valuable lesson about the potential repercussions of online bullying.

While some may argue that Dean’s actions were harsh or disproportionate, for him, it was a necessary means of putting an end to the troll’s hurtful behavior.

Nothing Stings More Than Disappointing Your Mom!

Redditors loved Dean’s revenge, but the overwhelming sentiment was that he’d let the kid off too easily.

One user said, “I would’ve sent all his nasty, hate-filled messages TO his mom and asked her if she was proud of the way she raised her son. Nothing stings more than disappointing your mom.”

What are your thoughts on Dean’s revenge? Do you believe the troll deserved it, or do you think there could have been a different way to handle the situation?

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