A Social Worker Accused Her of Being a “Misogynist Who Mocks Women” Was Blacklisted From Her Job. What Are Your Thoughts as the Obsession With Gender Ideology Increases?

In a recent incident that unfolded on social media, a social worker was blacklisted after making transphobic remarks. Here’s the full story.

She Was Documenting Her Gender Transition for Her 11 Million Fans

Dylan Mulvaney, a 26-year-old TikTok influencer, has amassed a significant following of 11 million on the platform.

In March 2022, Mulvaney started documenting her gender transition, sharing daily videos that showcased her journey from male to female.

Along the way, Mulvaney secured advertising partnerships with prominent US brands, including Nike and Bud Light.

Mulvaney’s recent advertisement for a Nike sports bra sparked intense discussions among netizens and industry insiders.

“She’s a Misogynist Who Mocks Women”

While many celebrated the promotion as a powerful symbol of inclusivity and representation, others raised concerns about the potential implications for women’s sports apparel.

Louise Chivers, a 52-year-old lesbian and social worker from Northamptonshire, was among those critical of the ad.

She commented Mulvaney as “a skinny gay man with no t*ts” and labeled her as a “misogynist who mocks women” based on her content.

Chivers also expressed her discomfort with Mulvaney advertising sports bras, asserting that it trivialized the struggles of women.

Unfairly Labeled as Transphobic

These comments were met with outrage from many, leading to an investigation and potential consequences for Chivers.

Chivers claims that after her comments surfaced, a manager at Leicestershire County Council suggested that her remarks could misgender someone, implying a potential risk to her ability to perform her job as a social worker effectively.

Subsequently, Chivers was referred to Social Work England, and her application for other jobs was put on hold pending the outcome of the investigation.

She expressed frustration at feeling blacklisted and feared being unfairly labeled as transphobic due to her gender-critical stance.

And Fed up With This Obsession With Gender Ideology

Chivers said she is now struggling for work and is worried about not getting another job.

She said that she, “like a lot of people”, is fed up with this obsession with gender ideology.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

“You’re Failing the Most Vulnerable People”

One Twitter user wrote, “Mulvaney is a man who mocks women in woman’s face. He should be sanctioned. No woman should be blacklisted for telling the truth.”

Another User wrote, “If you cannot correctly sex people, you cannot properly carry out safeguarding, which is central to social work. If you don’t understand this, you’re failing the most vulnerable people that social workers are there to help.”

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