A Sticky Revenge – When High School Pranks Stick it to the Lazy Teacher!

This story is about Tyler, a young man who found himself in a sticky situation during his high school years. With a teacher who refused to mark papers correctly, Tyler took it upon himself to serve up some own-brand revenge – with disastrous consequences! Let’s take a look.

He Returned to School

It all started a couple of years ago, back in October 2021. Tyler had just completed his high school diploma but decided to go back for a fifth year to improve some of his grades.

During his previous year, Tyler had the misfortune of having a teacher nicknamed Mr. Lazy. Mr. Lazy had a notorious reputation for being a terrible teacher.

Students would go to great lengths to switch out of their classes or drop them altogether.

Unfortunately, Tyler didn’t make the same choice! He ended up with Mr. Lazy as his grade 12 physics teacher at the university level.

His Teacher Was Rubbish!

To Tyler’s disappointment, Mr. Lazy hardly talked about physics at all. He didn’t have a syllabus, a schedule, or even a Google Classroom, which was quite common in schools in Ontario.

Instead, Mr. Lazy stored all his files on an unorganized Google drive, showcasing his laziness.

Marking was another task that Mr. Lazy loathed. Instead of proper assessments, he relied on online multiple-choice tests.

These tests held little significance as Mr. Lazy simply assigned grades based on what he thought each student deserved.

… And Negligent

Tyler had been doing fairly well in the class, maintaining an 86% average; however, when he received his final mark, it showed a dismal 72%!

This devastated Tyler because it meant his university applications would be affected. Mr. Lazy’s negligence cost him the opportunity to pursue the programs he desired!

Driven by frustration, Tyler emailed Mr. Lazy about the low final mark.

He highlighted his previous 86% average and questioned how such a significant drop could occur when the lab was only worth 5% of his grade. Unfortunately, Mr. Lazy never bothered to respond.

His Teacher Gave Him a ZERO!

Determined to resolve the issue, Tyler enlisted the help of his mother, who sent an email to the principal detailing the situation. Only then did Mr. Lazy bother to address Tyler’s lab.

However, instead of providing constructive feedback, he returned it with a score of zero without any explanation.

In Ontario, it was almost unheard of to receive a zero on a 7-page lab, regardless of its quality. Mr. Lazy had failed to provide any guidelines or expectations for the assignment.

After writing the lab, Tyler asked his mother’s opinion, who, as a high school science teacher and former engineer, deemed the lab worth around 80%.

He Felt the Need for Revenge

Disheartened by the lack of support from his school, Tyler decided to take matters into his own hands. He felt the need for revenge against Mr. Lazy’s negligence.

His plan involved printing stickers that depicted a scathing message: “I would rather watch TV than mark a lab – Mr. Lazy.”

A talented family friend, who happened to be a graphic designer, created a quick design for the stickers, and Tyler then ordered them from a website.

Unfortunately, before he could execute his plan, the COVID-19 lockdown was reinstated, and schools remained closed.

He Cunningly Plastered Hilarious Stickers Everywhere!

Undeterred, Tyler patiently waited for the following year to implement his plan.

When the time came, Tyler plastered the stickers everywhere he could think of, ensuring Mr. Lazy would be confronted with them constantly.

He strategically placed them on his door and along his daily routes. In addition, he left piles of stickers around the school, hoping that fellow students would join in his cause (which they did).

Mr. Lazy was short, so Tyler placed the stickers in hard-to-reach areas like fire exit signs and ceilings. In total, he managed to stick 200 of them around the school!

… And Watched His Teacher Trying To Remove Them With Glee

On multiple occasions, Tyler observed Mr. Lazy scraping off the stickers in frustration.

Tyler couldn’t help but find irony in Mr. Lazy’s actions. He spent more effort removing the stickers than if he had marked Tyler’s lab.

Unfortunately for Tyler, his mission came to an abrupt end when a teacher caught him in the act.

Soon, he found himself facing a group of stern vice principals, demanding an explanation for his actions. Tyler asked them why they had never raised his mark with Mr. Lazy.

The School Authorities Deemed Tyler’s Actions Premeditated and Targeted

They all fell silent, so he took the opportunity to express his disappointment with their lack of intervention and that the people who were supposed to look after students’ wellbeing were ignoring it.

Unfortunately, he took his crusade too far, boldly calling them lazy and incompetent, which did NOT help his situation!

In the end, the school authorities deemed Tyler’s actions premeditated, targeted, and labeled it as harassment!

… And He Was Expelled

As punishment, Tyler was expelled and banned from the school grounds, while Mr. Lazy took a brief hiatus but soon returned to “teach” at the same school.

Despite the consequences, Tyler had no regrets. If he had a second chance, he’d do it all again, only with even more stickers this time!

What would you have done in Tyler’s shoes?

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