A Stunning Betrayal, His Dream of Surprising Wife With a Surprise Luxury Bathroom Is Almost Derailed by His Greedy Brother!

A frugal husband had Redditors shaking their heads after he refused to help his brother out of a financial crunch. The whole situation put his family relationships in the crapper. Here is his full story.

A Bumpy Ride To Planning a Surprise Anniversary

OP is getting ready to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife. He had a big surprise planned, but a bump in the road is causing him stress.

OP and his wife have been very frugal with their money during their marriage. Even though he makes decent money, they live in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house with their two kids.

OP describes the setup as “cozy” and admits that the bathroom situation gets more uncomfortable as the kids get older.

But he has saved a nice little chunk of money and knows precisely how he wants to use it.

He Wanted To Give His Wife a Fancy New Bathroom

For their anniversary, OP is adding a new bathroom to the basement. He’s going all out, with a two-person tub, in-floor heating, and a heat lamp to help his wife dry off and stay warm.

The whole project has a budget of about $25K, though OP knows it will probably blow by that number by the time the contractors finish.

He doesn’t care, though, and wants to give his wife the best private space he can afford.

The problem is that OP’s brother has run into money troubles. That’s nothing new, as the brother tends to overspend to have a good time.

His Brother Is the Good-Time Guy

Even though OP and his brother make about the same amount of money, his bro lives in a big house, drives an expensive truck, and always throws huge parties.

He’s the good-time guy who doesn’t really have the money to back it up.

To make matters worse, OP’s mom always compares her two sons and throws his brother’s “success” in his face.

She loves to brag about all the cool stuff her other son does, like his over-the-top Christmas decorations.

And Is in Financial Trouble

But now that he’s in financial trouble, the brother wants OP to help him out. He says he needs money or might have to sell his truck.

OP doesn’t care about his brother’s truck, and he said he couldn’t lend him any money. But bro wouldn’t take no for an answer and called in the big guns.

When she found out about his refusal to help his brother, OP’s mom called him up to try and change his mind.

She told him that since he lived in a tiny house, he must have plenty of money saved up.

But He ‘Needed’ Fancy ‘Things’ To Climb the Corporate Ladder

But OP pointed out to his mom that his brother made slightly more money than he did, so the brother should also have money saved up. Mom didn’t want to listen to logic though.

Instead, OP’s mom told him that his brother needed his big house and fancy car because he was trying to climb the corporate ladder.

He needed to impress his coworkers and bosses to make any headway.

And then mom laid on the guilt, telling OP that his brother would have to sell his truck and probably the house without some help.

His Wife Deserves the Best He Can Give Her

He and his family might have to move into a smaller place like the one that OP lived in.

OP thought about the situation and admitted that he could scale back his bathroom plans and give his brother some money. But he doesn’t think that would solve his brother’s problems.

And, in the end, OP doesn’t want to scale back because he thinks his wife deserves the best he can give her.

He’s worked hard for his savings and really doesn’t want to share it with his brother.

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