A Suit or Sequins? Trans Brother’s Bridesmaid Faces Wedding Wardrobe Dilemma

In a recent Reddit post, a user found himself at a crossroads when his sister asked him to join her upcoming wedding as a bridesmaid. Here’s the whole story.

He’s a Trans Male

The Original Poster (OP) is a 21-year-old trans male. OP’s family knows his identity as a trans male. However, the rest of his family sees him as a tomboy, as he has a masculine appearance and attire.

Previous family events, including a cousin’s wedding, allowed OP to express himself through masculine clothing without any adverse reactions from his family.

With this understanding, OP assumed he would have the same freedom to dress in a way that aligns with his gender identity during his sister’s wedding.

However, when his sister began sharing dress options for the bridesmaids, OP initially assumed there would be alternative options for him as a trans male.

His Sister Expected Him To Wear a Dress at Her Wedding

But, he soon realized that his sister expected him to wear a jumpsuit or a dress.

This presented a challenge as he did not feel comfortable in feminine clothing and preferred a more masculine presentation.

He expressed his concerns and discomfort to his sister, emphasizing his desire to find a suit or masculine attire that would allow him to feel authentic and aligned with his gender identity during the wedding.

Despite these conversations, OP’s sister dismissed his concerns and delayed further discussions.

He Felt Unheard and Uncertain About His Place in the Wedding

This lack of communication from his sister left OP feeling unheard and uncertain about his place in the wedding party.

OP even reached out to his mother, who confirmed that she had anticipated him opting for a suit, considering his consistent masculine appearance.

OP tried sending his sister outfits he thought worked and were cohesive with the wedding party and sent her videos of other trans and even non-binary people being in their siblings’ bridal parties, but she never responded and just left him on read.

OP mentioned that his sister is not traditional in any way. The idea of a man in her bridal party is not an issue to her, as she has mentioned that she was considering one of her cis male friends to be in the bridal party too.

Would He Would Be Wrong if He Shows up in a Suit?

Now OP is thinking about whether he would be in the wrong if he shows up in a suit.

He took to Reddit to ask whether his idea was wrong, and several Redditors sided with him, saying that his decision was not wrong.

“She Can’t Ask You To Pretend Not To Be Her Brother”

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA at all. Your sister seems to just be hoping that you’ll bend to her will if she ignores the issue long enough.”

Another Redditor commented, “NTA. She asked you, her brother, to be at her wedding party, she can’t ask you to pretend not to be her brother.”

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