A Teen’s Fiery Retaliation to Drunk Racist Taunts Goes Viral: Was He Justified or Did He Go Too Far?

In a recent Reddit post, a person found himself in a situation that tested his patience and resilience in the face of racism.

He Actions Attracted the Attention of a Middle-Aged Drunk Man

The story began when the Original Poster (OP), Ken, a 17-year-old, went shopping for shoes with two of his friends.

However, one of their friends failed to show up, so Ken decided to call him in a public area.

Little did he know that this simple act would attract the attention of a middle-aged drunk man nearby who overheard his conversation.

Ken asked his friend why he was late, and he replied that he overslept and missed the bus; then Ken asked, “Are you serious dude, get you’re a** here.”

He Was Caught off Guard by the Sudden Onslaught of Racism

To Ken’s surprise, the man began addressing him using racial slurs, repeatedly calling him “brownie” and making derogatory comments.

Ken was caught off guard by the sudden onslaught of racism and asked what he had just said to him.

His response shocked Ken even more – he unabashedly admitted to deliberately using the racial slur, asserting that he was addressing Ken based on his ethnicity.

Frustration and anger took over at that moment, and Ken delivered a heated response.

… And Expressed His Outrage and Condemned His Derogatory Remarks

Ken said, “You called me a brownie look at you, you crackhead. I will be surprised if you are not dead within the next year, you druggie. You can probably barely stand right now. If you have a family, I pity them because they will end up like you too.”

Ken unleashed a barrage of insults, expressing his outrage and condemning his derogatory remarks.

While Ken’s choice of words may have been harsh and confrontational, Ken says that he was driven by a desire to defend himself and confront the racism directed.

What unfolded drew the attention of those nearby. And a group of compassionate individuals, who happened to be Black, approached him, inquiring about the commotion.

He Never Intended To Be Racist but To Stand Up Against the Racism Directed Toward Him

Ken explained the situation to them, seeking their perspective and guidance. They acknowledged that Ken’s response may have been excessive. However, they also understood the underlying frustration and the need to confront racism head-on.

Their support reassured him as they recognized the complexities of the situation.

Ken made it clear that his intention was never to be racist but to stand up against the racism directed toward him.

As for the man, he stopped talking and kept drinking. Then he revealed that he had recently lost his wife, which shed light on his emotional state and the possible reasons behind his hurtful behavior. Then the man said that Ken went too far by bringing up his family.

Did He Cross the Line?

Ken’s friends were telling him to get out of there, and so he did. Reflecting on the events that transpired, Ken realized that perhaps he crossed a line by bringing up his family.

Ken took to Reddit to ask whether he was in the wrong for what he did, and several Redditors shared their thoughts.

One Reddit user wrote, “ESH I was prepared to say you aren’t the a.h., until the part where a black person told you what you said was racist and you told them it wasn’t. You are not the sole arbiter of what is and isn’t racist, how do you justify dismissing another person’s attempt to do the same thing you were doing (telling someone who said something racist that they had said something racist)?”

Another Redditor commented, “NTA but sometimes it’s best just to walk away and not feed the reaction he so much wanted from you.”

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