A TikToker Stuns Viewers by Hatching Chicks From Trader Joe’s Store-Bought Eggs in Shocking Viral Discovery

One woman tried a shocking experiment on TikTok, purchasing a seemingly ordinary pack of eggs from Trader Joe’s. Users were stunned to see the eggs hatch after being kept in an incubator, and a confused TikTok fired away questions!

An Egg Experiment

Rachel Anne, a TikTok sensation, recently shared a mind-boggling video.

In this viral video, Rachel reveals her experiment with eggs from Trader Joe’s.

The video has 6 million views and 488,000 likes.

These were not your ordinary supermarket eggs; they were fertilized eggs, as clearly seen on the carton.

She Put Them in an Incubator

Rachel takes the eggs home and places them in an incubator.

Over time, she captures the incredible sight of a moving chick inside one egg and even its hatching.

The video ends with two adorable fluffy yellow chicks.

People were left in awe and disbelief, with some rushing to their fridges, worried about having bought fertilised eggs by mistake.

“And my egg ick is back, great”

Comments poured in, expressing shock and even dietary changes.

One stunned TikTok user commented, “And my egg ick is back, great.”

Other users questioned why Trader Joe’s was allowed to sell fertilized eggs, with another user giving a fantastic answer.

“It just means that they are truly free range and the chickens are exposed to roosters. They aren’t kept isolated in a small space. It’s better for the chicken.”

The Chickens Are Raised Better

Rachel’s videos aimed to educate viewers about the egg industry.

She prefers eggs from free-range hens, which are raised better and have a higher-quality diet.

Eating fertilized eggs doesn’t affect taste, she assured.

Would You Try This At Home?

Would you try this experiment? Maybe you learned something new from this video. Let us know in the comments!

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