A Transitioning Athlete Injured Multiple Female Players as He Played on the Women’s Rugby Team – Size Really Does Matter

Recent events in the rugby community have sparked a heated debate surrounding safety and fairness when transgender players compete against cisgender athletes. Here’s the full story.

Female Athletes Have Expressed Their Concerns About Trans Rugby Player

In a match between Stoney Creek and Fergus Highlanders in the Niagara Rugby Union, a notable incident involving a Trans player, known as Ash, took center stage.

Ash, a transitioning person from male to female, had been given clearance to participate in the women’s rugby league.

However, several female athletes expressed concerns about the physical differences between cisgender and transitioning individuals.

During the game, three female players had to be removed and treated for injuries from hits by Ash.

“A Whole Other Thing Playing Rugby Against Men.”

The referee, after repeated dangerous tackles, had to remove Ash from the game.

The impact and force of Ash’s tackles were described as exceptionally powerful, surpassing anything they had encountered in competitive women’s rugby.

One female player described her experience of being tackled by Ash as “a whole other thing playing rugby against men.”

The concern over inclusion and safety intensified as some players drew comparisons with the Lia Thomas swimming controversy in the United States.

Size and Strength Significantly Impact the Game

Players express reservations about facing someone who was previously identified as male, especially in a physically demanding sport like rugby, where size and strength significantly impact the game.

Rugby Ontario has initiated discussions with Rugby Canada to develop action plans and communication strategies.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

“The Solution Is Very Simple”

One Youtube user wrote, “The solution is very simple, if there is a man on the other team, have your whole team walk off the field. When all teams refuse to play them, rules will change very fast. Nobody is forcing you to play.”

Another User wrote, “To Ash Davis’s partner, if you don’t want your children to be traumatized, I suggest encouraging Ash to play in his biological gender like he did all his life.”

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