A Truck Driver Smashed Up His Truck and Threatened Him, so He Got His Revenge!

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has wronged you, and you didn’t know what to do about it? What if you had the opportunity for revenge? In this story, we follow Benny as he seeks revenge on a man who has been threatening him and blocking him in during his delivery stops! Here’s the full story.

He Was a Driver in His Hometown

Benny was recently promoted to driver for a small commissary kitchen in his hometown.

His job was easy, and he got to lounge around after doing deliveries, which he liked to spend by hopping on YouTube, reading manga, or watching movies. However, Benny would wake up at 4 AM to start his deliveries.

When Benny started doing deliveries, he would always park away from the entrance of the stores he delivered to, to make space for large 18-wheelers to drop off their stuff.

However, there was this medium-sized box truck that would always block him in his parking spot or park next to him to the point where if he opened the door, he would have only 7 inches of door space to hop in and out.

He Was Always Blocked In

The truck always arrived after Benny.

This continued to happen for the next five weeks.

Benny would leave a note on the truck’s windshield, asking if the driver, whom he later found out was called Hugo, could park somewhere else or move his truck over a bit so Benny could at least squeeze in.

Benny’s passenger-side door didn’t work, and his company refused to pay to swap out the vehicle.

He Threatened to Beat Him Up

One day, Benny ran into Hugo, who ran up to him with his hands curled into a fist. Hugo got in Benny’s face and started cursing him out for leaving the note on his windshield.

Benny told him that it was common courtesy to leave a note instead of getting his truck ticketed or towed. Hugo continued to harass Benny, calling him a bad driver and saying some other awful things!

That was too far, and Benny didn’t care to talk to Hugo anymore, so he left to drop off his deliveries.

As he was leaving, Hugo hopped into his truck and said he would have his friends come by and beat up Benny if he ever saw him again. Benny told him to bring it on and that he would see him tomorrow at the same time.

So He Took a Picture of His License Plate

The next day, Benny arrived at the store a little later than usual, and Hugo’s truck was parked terribly and blocking three cars.

Benny parked further away, and as he got out of the van, he ran over to take a picture of Hugo’s license plate and his company truck.

Benny dropped off his delivery, and Hugo appeared. Benny shouted at him, asking where his friends were, and Hugo started exchanging nasty words with him.

Benny told Hugo that he would lose his job soon, and Hugo scoffed, saying he got paid more and had more money than Benny, who would never amount to anything more than him.

And His Truck Was Damaged With an Tire Iron!

Hugo got out of his truck, looked around for Benny’s van, and smacked it with a tire iron.

Benny quickly snapped a picture of Hugo damaging his vehicle, and Hugo drove off in his truck like a madman, flipping Benny off and attempting to spit on him.

After his delivery, Benny took the time to look up Hugo’s company with the pictures he had taken.

He called the company and left a voicemail explaining the situation, his truck number, the time he was at the store, and all the information he had at his disposal.

She Was Shocked!

Two hours later, Benny got a call from Hugo’s supervisor, to confirm that what he had left in the voicemail was true.

Benny explained that Hugo had verbally assaulted him and his vehicle, and the supervisor, Vicki, was shocked because Hugo was her best worker and the nicest man she had hired.

Vicki was appalled at Hugo’s behavior towards Benny and asked him for pictures of his damaged vehicle and Hugo’s face.

After confirming Hugo’s identity, Vicki said that their company had a one-strike rule and that with these circumstances, she would write him up and then fire him.

He Planned to Join the Police – No Chance

Vicki also told Benny that Hugo was working for the company temporarily and had planned to join the police academy in a year or so but to join, he would have to have no prior strikes on his employment.

After this write-up, Hugo’s chances of joining the police academy would be 0%.

Benny felt bad that he had cost Hugo his job and the chance to join the police academy, but he also knew that having someone like Hugo patrolling the streets would be dangerous.

Benny knows that he has made the right decision and hopes that Hugo has learned his lesson.

The Consequences of Our Actions

Benny’s story shows us the consequences of our actions and how they can come back to haunt us.

Treating others with respect and kindness is important, even in seemingly insignificant situations. You never know how your behavior may impact someone’s life.

As the saying goes, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” Let’s all strive to be better, kinder human beings.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had to stand up for yourself against someone threatening or harassing you? How did you handle it?

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