A Twisted Family Legacy – A Woman Exposes Her Sister’s Manipulative Tactics, Drawing Disturbing Parallels to Their Kidnapper Father!

A fed-up woman stirred Redditors after telling her sister that she was acting just like their father. Turns out, neither woman wanted to carry on that family tradition. Here is the full story.

They Were Kidnapped by Their Father

OP is a 28-year-old woman who has a 33-year-old sister. Their parents split up when the girls were 4 and 9 years old.

The mom got full custody of OP and her sister because their dad was a flawed character overall.

He was so bad that he kidnapped OP and her sister right after the divorce.

From 4 to 16, OP lived with her sister and dad as part of a religious cult. During that time, modesty was expected, and the girls were allowed no independence at all.

… They Were Eventually Reunited With Their Mom

Then, after 12 years locked away from the world, OP’s dad was arrested for kidnapping. At 16, OP was back with her mom.

OP’s sister was reunited with their mom, too, but the older girl was 21 and ready to pull away from any parental control.

Both girls enjoyed their new freedoms, and OP was happy to be able to grow as an individual finally.

Therapy helped OP and her sister start to put their lives together, and their adult selves started to take shape.

They Focused On Their Careers

For OP’s sister, that meant adopting a punk style with pink hair and tattoos. She focused hard on her career and began to excel.

OP decided she wanted to go to college and start her career.

But a couple of years into working, OP met a wonderful man whom she fell hard for. She decided what she really wanted out of life was to be a stay-at-home mom.

So now, after all the dust has settled, OP has a family of her own and the sort of stable home life she could only dream about as a kid.

… And Made Their Own Decisions

From the outside, OP admits it probably looks like she ended up in the sort of role her dad always tried to force on her. But she is a complete equal in her marriage and loves her life.

More importantly, OP has made her own choices all along the way. No one has forced her to do anything.

But OP’s sister doesn’t see it that way and is constantly trying to convince OP to leave her family behind.

The sister thinks OP should focus on her own career and get out on the dating scene. She always badgers her to get makeovers and go clubbing with her.

Her Controlling Behavior Didn’t Go Down Well

The last straw came when OP’s sister set up a dating profile for her on Tinder. She even set up a date for OP with some random guy.

When OP heard what her sister had done, she blew a gasket.

OP told her sister that she was just like their dad, always trying to make OP do exactly what she wanted her to do.

That shut OP’s sister down in a hurry. But her partner later called OP and told her that the blow-up sent her into a full-on anxiety attack.

She Feels Awful for Causing Emotional Distress

Now OP feels bad for causing her sister emotional distress, but she thinks the older woman went too far.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP and her reaction to this situation.

Many think that the sister may be jealous of OP’s happy life. And nearly all of them say the dating profile crossed a line that might change their relationship forever.

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