A Two-Day Cleaning Strike – Her Hilarious Viral Revenge Leaves Her Husband in Laundry Lament!

In a series of hilarious videos posted on TikTok, one wife and mother prove to her husband how much cleaning she does around the house after refusing to clean for two days before going away on a girl’s trip. She claims her husband made a hurtful comment about how little she does around the house, and that’s why she posted the TikTok, which displays a total mess of a house with clothes and towels over the floor and overflowing laundry baskets.

“Nothing Around the House”

Lindsay Donnelly proved her husband wrong in the most entertaining way possible.

After her spouse claimed she does “Nothing around the house,” Lindsay decided to take matters into her own hands and show millions of people the truth through a TikTok video.

Motivated by her friends’ amusement at her cleaning strike, Lindsay, who goes by @lindsaydonnelly2 on TikTok, didn’t clean the house for two days.

In the video, she shows shoes scattered all over the floor.

She Went on a Girl’s Trip

The view pans to unwashed dishes piled up in the sink and on the tables, followed by an overflowing laundry basket.

Towels were also disgustingly thrown across the bathroom floor.

The video revealed the messy aftermath contributed by the entire family.

Once the video was uploaded, Lindsay went on a “girl’s trip” as she explains in the caption.

The Video Had Gone Viral!

The next day, she was in for a surprise when she checked her phone – the video had gone viral.

Since its posting on June 3, it already has 18.7 million views, received more than 3.1 million likes, been shared over 25,000 times, and garnered over 23,000 comments.

In a hilarious follow-up video, Lindsay shared her viral success with her husband, Brian, who is not on TikTok.

While struggling to contain her laughter, she asks Brian if he remembers saying something that hurt her feelings, to which he admits.

8000 People Said “Leave Him”

Lindsay then confirms that Brian has since apologized, getting another nod of the head from her husband in the video.

She then informed him that over a million people had seen the original video, and Brian laughed.

Brian didn’t look too impressed when she confessed that “8000 people said ‘Leave him'” as he realized his shocking error of judgment.

Lindsay also allowed him to “redeem” himself before her audience, to which he hilariously responded, “I’m sorry TikTok.”

“So, He Actually Is a Really Good Husband”

To close off the video she admits, “So, he actually is a really good husband.”

Lindsay Donnelly’s clever TikTok not only proved her husband wrong but also resonated with countless others who face similar challenges in their households.

Users loved the situation as it unfolded, with many showing support for Lindsay and all wive’s who go unappreciated in their households.

“He Doesn’t Deserve You”

One user argued, “He’s a grown man, if he doesn’t see what you do than he doesn’t deserve you.”

Another agreed by showing concerns about how the video makes Brian look, “I know we don’t know all the details on your life, but I hope he apologized to you off camera and starts doing more.”

Have you had a similar conversation with your partner? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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