A Vindictive Betrayal – Her Mother-In-Law’s Sinister Scheme To Derail Their Wedding Was Unveiled!

In this family feud, a jealous mother-in-law who only uses her son for money creates a shocking lie to disrupt her son’s happiness. After seeing how well her son was treated by his fiances family, she gets jealous. She tells her other son a lie that would destroy all peace in the family before their special day!

They Are Planning Their Wedding

Sarah is a soon-to-be bride preparing for her wedding with Toby.

Little did they know that their journey would have unexpected challenges, thanks to Toby’s mother, Linda.

Right from the start, Linda’s treatment of Toby raised eyebrows. She seemed to view him solely as a source of money, reaching out to him only when she needed help with money.

On the other hand, Sarah’s family embraced Toby with open arms, showering him with unconditional love and acceptance.

A Drama That Would Overshadow Their Wedding

This sparked jealousy within Linda and her family, leading to the drama that would overshadow their wedding.

Toby’s brother has tried to break up the couple many times as he never liked Sarah, with the whole family being jealous of Toby’s happiness.

Sarah and Toby struggle to plan their dream wedding while working full-time jobs. Sarah admits to being a bit of a control freak and didn’t allow her mother to help shed the workload.

Shockingly, Linda lied to Toby’s brother, claiming that the couple would pay for all of Sarah’s parents’ expenses and not Toby’s. The brother didn’t reply for months, and Toby had no idea why.

They Were Shocked at the Betrayal

This cunning lie left Toby’s brother seething angrily towards Sarah and Toby. He even told everyone he wouldn’t be attending anymore.

All this unfolded behind the couple’s backs, shocking them at the betrayal. Now, Sarah has taken to Reddit to seek advice on what to do next, and they had their say in classic Reddit style!

One user argues that they should be super polite to the brother, “Just reach out to them (and his family) and let them know “life” has gotten you a little behind, but you both would be so joyed to have them there to celebrate.”

On the other hand, this user thinks they should cancel invitations, “No Contact for the win!”

Who do you think is right? Should they invite them to the wedding or cut ties completely? Let us know in the comments.

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