“A Wedding Became a Graveyard” – Couple “Dead Inside” After Wedding Fire Kills 100 Love Ones

A couple have said they’re “Dead inside” after a devastating fire broke out at a wedding hall in Qaraqosh, Iraq, resulting in the loss of at least 100 lives and leaving approximately 150 individuals injured. 

Justice Will Be Served

A celebration turned into a nightmare as fireworks set off at the venue sparked a devastating blaze, quickly engulfing the wedding hall in Hamdaniya district.

Iraqi Civil Defense acted swiftly, forming an investigative committee to ascertain the cause of the tragedy and take appropriate action, “The hall did not meet safety criteria.” they admitted.

Interior Minister Abdul Amir al-Shammari revealed how the blaze started, “Because of the fireworks the ceiling collapsed on the people in the hall.”

The Interior Minister emphasized that those found negligent would face justice for their roles in the tragic incident, “Justice will be served to those who were negligent.”

Incredible Loss, Deep Pain

The groom, Rivan Esho, and his bride, Haneen, suffered injuries, along with losing at least 100 friends and family because of the lack of safety measures.

In an interview, Esho sat with Haneen as he explained the deep pain they’re now feeling, admitting that they’re both “dead inside,” feeling like they can’t live in their community anymore.

Authorities wasted no time, making 14 arrests in connection with the fire tragedy, reinforcing the urgency of addressing the situation. The construction’s flawed materials, including highly flammable Ecobond panels, worsened the tragedy, violating safety instructions.

The Tragedy Created a Humanitarian Crisis

The tragic incident has created a humanitarian crisis, requiring immediate blood donations to support the injured.

Eyewitness accounts share the harrowing moments as the celebration turned into a horrifying experience for all involved, “There are hundreds of people injured. We are in need of blood,” said one guest.

“Hurt Us More Than ISIS”

The guest then revealed, “This tragedy hurt us more than ISIS. At least when ISIS came we could escape, but now a wedding became a graveyard for us.”

With ongoing protests on Iraqi streets against corruption, unemployment, and inadequate services this has added more anger and frustration towards the people.

Iraq united in grief, announcing a three-day national mourning period to honor the victims and support their grieving families.

International Support and Aid Requested

Iraq appeals for international support and aid to alleviate the suffering of those affected by this devastating event.

Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani initiated swift assistance measures, ordering a full mobilization to aid the victims and their families.

The incident adds to Qaraqosh’s history of struggles, from the ISIS invasion to its liberation, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

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