A Worm Infestation Caused an Outcry and Scared People Away from the Beach

Doctor warns beachgoers of risks from sitting on sand without a towel, sharing a disturbing case of a teenager infected after being buried.

Blissful White Sandy Beaches? Think Again!

Dr. Samuel Choudhury, a GP from Singapore, has recently shared a chilling story on his TikTok mini-series, “New Fear Unlocked,” emphasizing why beachgoers should avoid sitting or lying directly on the sand without a protective mat.

The cautionary tale revolves around US teenager Michael Dumas, who contracted hookworm parasites after being buried in sand by his friends.

In his video, Dr. Choudhury explained, “Do you like going to the beach? This is why I don’t like sitting or laying on the sand without a mat.”

He went on to narrate Michael’s ordeal, starting with him returning home after a day out with friends, only for things to take a sinister turn. “That’s when the nightmares started,” the doctor revealed.

He Began to Feel Itchy and Develop Rashes

Some friends buried Michael at the beach, and a few hours after returning home he started to feel itchy.

Michael initially brushed off the itchiness as an ear infection, but it soon escalated into more concerning symptoms. “He started to feel more lethargic, and he started to develop rashes,” Dr. Choudhury explained.

The rashes spread all over his legs, resulting in deep wounds on his feet.

Michael was subsequently rushed to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with cutaneous larva migrans, a parasitic skin infection caused by hookworm larvae.

Dog Poop Worms

Dr. Choudhury emphasized that this particular hookworm was not the typical human variety but one found in dogs. “Dogs that carry the hookworm transfer the worm to the sand when they poop,” he clarified.

Stepping on contaminated soil allows the worm to penetrate the skin, where it remains instead of migrating to the intestines, causing skin-related issues.

The doctor also mentioned a method for finding the worm’s track under the skin.

Given Michael’s full recovery with anti-parasitic medication, Dr. Choudhury issued a warning to all beachgoers: “Next time, just be careful of where you step, sit, or lay on a beach. Bring a mat, some good slippers, and sunscreen, and you will be fine.”

Unsettling Encounter Viewed over 12 Million Times

The video has been viewed over 12.1 million views, with viewers expressing their shock and sharing their own unsettling encounters.

While some found validation for their concerns about sand cleanliness, others expressed newfound fears.

“I always tell my hubby the sand is not clean and he brushes me off 😏 now I have proof that I’m correct,” one viewer responded.

“I’m Scared to Go to the Beach”

“Great now I’m scared to go to the beach. Lol,” another wrote.

Dr. Choudhury responded to inquiries about bathing as a preventive measure, stating that the larvae can penetrate the skin within 30 minutes to six hours, limiting the effectiveness of bathing.

The cautionary tale serves as a reminder to beach enthusiasts to take precautions, protecting themselves from potential risks when enjoying sandy shores.

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