A Young Mom Kicks Her Sister Out for Scolding Her Son, Gets More Than She Bargained For

A sensitive mother took to Reddit for opinions after she kicked her sister out of her house for scolding her son. She got more than she asked for – just like her sister did with her kid. Here is her whole story.

Her Sister Needed Help With Her Divorce and Finances

OP is a young mother who lives with her husband and 2-year-old son.

OP’s sister is going through a tough time with her marriage and plans to divorce her husband soon. OP and her husband have agreed to help her however they can.

The most immediate area where OP’s sister needs help is with her finances and getting her career going again after several years as a stay-at-home mom.

OP’s sister has small children to care for, and it will be up to her to support them and herself once her marriage ends.

Her Son Is Playful and Energetic

So OP’s husband has been helping her sister figure out how to start her job search and sort out her finances.

Recently, OP’s sister was at her house to work through a few details with OP’s husband.

Since two other adults were there to keep an eye on her son, OP decided that would be a great time to shower. Uninterrupted alone time was a luxury she didn’t get very often.

OP’s son is very playful and energetic and runs around the house a lot. OP admits the boy is a handful, but she loves him to pieces and usually enjoys his energy.

Her Husband Was Scolding Their Son

The little boy was up to his usual antics when OP went to shower, but her husband said he could handle it.

So OP went upstairs and took care of her business. But when she returned, she found her husband scolding their son.

When OP asked her husband what was happening, he told her that the boy had been running around and playing loudly.

The boy was distracting OP’s sister, so she asked him to settle down. That upset OP’s son, but he just kept running.

And Her Sister Was Snippy With Him

He got louder and louder until OP’s sister snapped at him again and told him to sit down. Again, the little boy ignored his aunt and kept right on playing.

Finally, OP’s husband stepped in and told his son that he’d had enough. That’s what OP walked in on, and she was shocked at the tone in her hubby’s voice.

Normally, OP’s husband never raised his voice to their son, but he was loud and harsh this time. Seeing his dad so angry frightened the little boy, and he ran to OP for comfort.

OP was angry at her husband for lashing out at their son when he was behaving like he always does.

She Told Her Husband To Stay Away From Him

And OP wasn’t happy with her sister, either. She told her to leave.

OP’s sister and husband tried to convince her to change her mind since they weren’t finished with their conversation, but she stood her ground.

Once her sister left, OP started getting her son ready for bed, but she told her husband to stay away.

That really hurt OP’s husband’s feelings because he loves putting their son to bed at night, but OP didn’t care.

They Are Furious With Each Other

Now, OP is mad at her husband for yelling at their son, and he is mad at her for excluding him from the bedtime routine.

Redditors think that OP overreacted in this situation. Most of them say her son was misbehaving and needed a firm hand to get him back in line.

Some point out that OP reacted as if she is the only parent in the situation and that her husband’s opinion about their son didn’t matter. They see that as a recipe for disaster.

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