A Young Worker’s Brave Decision To Quit Goes Viral: Her Boss’s Heartwarming Response Wins Over the Internet!

A hot trend taking over TikTok involves young people quitting their jobs and recording them simultaneously. One Gen Z user, Darby, shared her emotional conversation with her boss, explaining that she feels it’s the right time to quit, to which her boss’s response was heartwarming!

Live Quitting Videos

Workers, especially the younger ones like Gen Z and Millennials, are making waves with their ‘live quitting’ videos, and they have caused a stir online.

This phenomenon has exploded on social media, and the hashtag #quittok is blowing up with over a staggering 50 million views and counting!

The video has a text that read, “Watch me quit my job without actually saying I quit, hahaha.”

The video’s caption also makes light of the difficult situation, “Quitting my corporate stable job that I love in this economy??? Y’all should have seen my dad’s face when I told him hahaha.”

“I Can’t Say It, I Don’t Know How To Say It”

In her clip, she’s on a call with her boss, struggling to find the right words to quit.

You can see the turmoil on her face as she utters, “I can’t say it, I don’t know how to say it,” her hands covering her face in desperation.

The boss sensed something was brewing and respond saying, “I know, I knew it was coming when you said that.”

They go on to say, “If it’s what you feel like you need to do, then I totally get it. We’ll miss you so much!”

Others Talk About Their Horror Stories

The video gained over a million likes, and the comments flooded in with messages of admiration for her understanding boss.

People couldn’t believe the manager’s support: “This manager is manager goals!!! Her support of you is huge!”

Others were talking about their horror stories when quitting showing envy towards Darby’s situation, “I quit my job last week and they started shouting at me and being disrespectful cuz I said it’s too unprofessional here. That reaction confirmed it lol.”

The extraordinary popularity of the #quittok hashtag shows the daring attitudes of the younger generation.

Do you have any quitting stories you want to share? Maybe you don’t agree with #quittok? Let us know in the comments.

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