She Abandoned Her Boyfriend at the Hospital When He Became Too Much of a Financial Burden

A young woman left Redditors in disbelief after she stranded her boyfriend at the hospital instead of paying his bill. Was she just standing up for herself, or did she completely let him down? Here is the full story so you can judge for yourself.

Planning for the Future but Clashing on Finances

OP is a 26-year-old woman who has been with her 28-year-old boyfriend for three years. They are engaged to be married and planning for the future.

The couple agreed that they would split their finances until they were married, and then combine them. OP and her fiance have similar incomes.

But even though they have agreed to split their expenses for now, OP feels like she ends up carrying a larger burden than her fiance.

For one thing, OP’s boyfriend never pays for the meals they eat out together. He also doesn’t pay for repairs to their apartment or any of their furnishings.

She Pays for Everything

In fact, nearly all of their day-to-day expenses fall on OP’s shoulders. The reason OP’s fiance gives her for not spending anything is that he’s saving to buy them an apartment. 

So far, OP’s boyfriend has been saving half his salary each month for two years. That still leaves him half of his bring-home pay to spend.

And that’s where OP starts to get a little nervous about the whole situation.

Instead of helping with their shared expenses, OP’s boyfriend uses his “extra” money to buy games and gadgets for himself.

He Needed to Go to Hospital 

Every time OP tries to talk to him about it, her boyfriend just tells her that all his money is going into a savings account for the apartment he’s going to buy them.

Recently, OP’s boyfriend begged her to take him to the hospital. His ankle had been hurting for weeks, but it finally got to the point he couldn’t stand it any longer.

OP was happy to help, especially since a busted ankle makes it hard to drive yourself anywhere.

So OP took her fiance to the hospital and the doctors got him fixed up. But when it was time to pay the bill, OP’s boyfriend told her to go ahead and pay.

She Refused to Pay His Medical Bill 

OP was shocked by her fiance’s demand and asked why she should pay for his medical bills. As usual, her boyfriend said that all of his money was tied up in the savings account for their apartment.

OP had heard enough about the apartment for a lifetime, so she told her boyfriend she wasn’t paying his hospital bill.

Her boyfriend shot back that if OP didn’t pay, he wouldn’t put her name on the title of the apartment he was going to buy.

That was the last straw for OP. She told him to pay for himself and then left, stranding him there at the hospital.

She Feels Used, He Feels Abandoned 

That honked off OP’s boyfriend, and he told her later that she had abandoned him in his time of need. He also said he didn’t know if she was partner material or not.

Now, OP feels bad for leaving her fiance in a tough situation, but she also thinks he has been using her for her money.

Redditors overwhelmingly agree with OP that her boyfriend has just been using the apartment he plans to buy as an excuse to spend her money.

Many of them doubt there ever was a savings account in the first place, with several saying OP should cut bait and just get out of the relationship now.

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