“Admiring Murderous Dictators” – Former Ally, John Kelly, Betrays Trump Citing His “Contempt for Our Democracy and the Rule of Law”

Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has come forward with a striking on-the-record statement to CNN, offering unprecedented confirmation of several contentious stories involving Donald Trump’s behind-the-scenes remarks. This exclusive revelation marks a significant shift in Kelly’s stance towards the former President.

A Startling Confirmation

Kelly’s statement serves as a comprehensive confirmation of numerous alarming statements attributed to Trump, particularly those targeting US service members and veterans.

 These revelations provide a candid insight into Trump’s controversial views on those who have served their country.

“What can I add that has not already been said?” Kelly remarked, acknowledging recent comments made by other former Trump officials.

 He went on to list a series of comments he witnessed Trump make that he found deeply objectionable.

Labeling Soldiers and Veterans as ‘Suckers’ and ‘Losers’

These comments include Trump’s derogatory remarks about service members, describing soldiers, veterans, and prisoners of war as ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’ with the belief that there was nothing to gain from their sacrifices. 

Kelly recounted Trump’s avoidance of military amputees, citing, “It doesn’t look good for me.”

Trump’s apparent contempt for a Gold Star family during the 2016 campaign was also highlighted, as was Kelly’s belief that Trump was “A person who cavalierly suggests that a selfless warrior who has served his country for 40 years in peacetime and war should lose his life for treason.”

Beyond Military Matters

Kelly’s statement delves deeper into the divisive issues surrounding Trump’s presidency.

 He criticizes Trump’s perceived lack of honesty on various matters, from his stance on abortion to his treatment of minorities, women, evangelical Christians, and other religions. 

Kelly emphasized that, in his opinion, Trump fundamentally misunderstands the core values and principles of America.

Kelly went on to allege that Trump is “A person who admires autocrats and murderous dictators. A person that has nothing but contempt for our democratic institutions, our Constitution, and the rule of law. “

Trump’s Disrespectful Comments

With a sense of exasperation, Kelly concluded, “There is nothing more that can be said. God help us.”

These revelations paint a picture of a president who appeared to prioritize personal interests over the nation’s welfare.

The statement from John Kelly also provides context to a 2020 story first posted in The Atlantic.

 In this story, Trump questioned the motivations of service members and veterans and expressed an inability to comprehend why the American public respected former prisoners of war.

Kelly’s confirmation adds weight to reports of Trump referring to Senator John McCain as a “loser” and to former President George H. W. Bush in similar terms. 

“No One Wants to See the Wounded”

These statements reflect a consistent pattern of Trump’s controversial remarks about military service and sacrifice.

In response, the Trump campaign tried to shift the focus to retired Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley, who was uninvolved.

Kelly’s statement also brings to light Trump’s discomfort with wounded veterans, as evidenced by his request to exclude them from a military parade held in his honor.

 Trump allegedly told Kelly, “Look, I don’t want any wounded guys in the parade. It doesn’t look good for me.”

Kelly’s statement touches on another recent revelation from The Atlantic, where Trump expressed dislike for severely wounded Army Captain Luis Avila during a welcome event. Trump allegedly said, “Why do you bring people like that here? No one wants to see that, the wounded,” in response to seeing Avila sing “God Bless America.” 

“Punishment Would Have Been DEATH”

Kelly’s statement also references Trump’s reaction to reports of Mark Milley’s efforts to prevent a potential military strike on China. 

Posting on Truth Social, Trump called this “an act so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH.” Milley responded to the insinuation of treason by reaffirming his commitment to the Constitution.

This statement from John Kelly follows recent comments by former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who warned of Trump’s threat to democracy.

Kelly’s statement underscores the unprecedented number of former Trump allies who have spoken out against the former President.

A Complex Legacy

Even figures like Mark Esper and Bill Barr have criticized Trump’s fitness for office, citing his self-centered behavior and disregard for the country’s interests.

The revelations provide a unique perspective on Trump’s controversial statements and actions during his presidency. 

The confirmation of these statements adds another layer to the complex legacy of the 45th President of the United States.

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