After Years of Bullying, He Finally Got His Revenge Leaving His Tormentor Pondering the Mystery of His Omission

This story follows Ford, a high school senior who decided to use his chance opportunity as the savior of his school’s Senior Video to get some petty revenge on a bully who had made his school years a nightmare. Let’s take a look.

It’s a Wrap – The End of the School Year

Ford’s high school had a tradition: every year the Video Productions class would create a senior video showcasing the best moments of the graduating class, all the way from elementary school to senior year. 

To avoid it turning into a boring slideshow, they also included student and teacher interviews.

The goal was to add to it over the course of the school year to make it a thirty-minute masterpiece, but due to lazy students and teacher switches, the project was far from complete.

That’s when Ford, our protagonist, was summoned just a month before swingout to save the day!

He’d Get His Own Back on His Bully!

But during the chaos, Ford had a mischievous plan brewing in his mind, and his target was none other than a bully – Andrew, a guy who seemed to get pleasure from making Ford’s life a living hell.

Andrew was the epitome of a schoolyard bully, always eager to belittle and mock Ford for his height. From snide remarks about his stature to relentless teasing, Andrew never missed an opportunity to bring Ford down.

His words cut deep, constantly chipping away at Ford’s self-esteem. But this time, finally, Ford was ready to strike back.

As fate would have it, Ford found himself entrusted with the daunting task of completing the senior video in a mere month.

Because He Was in Charge

The original team had faltered, leaving Ford with an empty timeline and no student pictures or videos. It was a race against time, and Ford had a burning desire to make Andrew pay for his endless torment.

But before we delve into Ford’s master plan, let’s take a moment to understand the depths of Andrew’s cruelty. He didn’t just aim to make Ford angry; he celebrated in it.

Andrew would deliberately provoke Ford, only to gaslight him and make him question his own reactions.

Whether it was nitpicking Ford’s choice of words or criticizing his every move, Andrew knew exactly how to push Ford’s buttons.

He Removed the Bully’s Video Entry

Now, back to the senior video. The teacher, woefully inexperienced in the realm of editing, had insisted on including a slideshow featuring every senior’s name and photo.

It was a tedious task, especially considering Ford was the sole editor on the project. As Ford scrolled through the names, he stumbled upon Andrew’s entry.

A mischievous grin spread across Ford’s face as an idea took hold. What if he removed Andrew’s name and senior photo from the entire school’s repository?

Not from official records, of course, but from the yearbook classes folder. It was a small act of revenge, a subtle way to remove Andrew from the limelight.

His Presence Would NOT Be Celebrated

And so, Ford executed his plan with precision. Andrew’s name and senior photo vanished from the senior video, yearbook, wall banners, and any other platform where his presence would be celebrated!

Plausible deniability was Ford’s shield, as he could claim that he didn’t see Andrew’s information in the repository. It was the perfect crime of petty revenge!

Swingout day arrived, and the school unveiled the senior video. As the entire senior class watched the compilation of memories, Andrew’s absence did not go unnoticed.

Confusion clouded his face as he realized he wasn’t a part of the cherished tradition. Intrigued by this unexpected turn of events, he approached Ford, seeking an explanation.

“Sorry, man. I didn’t see you on the list”

“Hey, why wasn’t I in the senior video?” Andrew asked, a hint of suspicion lacing his words.

Ford played innocent, responding with a shrug. “Sorry, man. I didn’t see you on the list.”

It was a simple yet satisfying response, leaving Andrew to ponder the mystery of his omission. Ford loved that he had exacted a small measure of revenge against his tormentor.

Graduation day came and went, marking the end of Ford’s high school journey. He had emerged triumphant, leaving behind his schoolyard grievances and rivalries.

He Relished the Sweetness of His Revenge

Andrew, on the other hand, was left with unanswered questions, forever wondering why he wasn’t a part of the senior video!

For Ford, it was a small victory, a fleeting moment of satisfaction. The act of removing Andrew from a seemingly insignificant aspect of senior year was his way of reclaiming power and asserting himself.

And while it may have gone unnoticed by most, Ford knew the truth, relishing in the sweetness of his petty revenge.

In the grand scheme of things, Ford’s act may have been minuscule, but it symbolized a turning point. It served as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, he had the strength to stand up for himself and fight back.

Rise Above, Rise Above

It was a lesson that would carry him forward, helping him to rise above the petty squabbles and embrace a brighter future.

This tale celebrates the transformative power of petty revenge, reminding us that it can be a useful tool in certain circumstances.

When faced with a relentless tormentor or an unjust situation, petty revenge can provide a much-needed release, allowing us to reclaim our power and restore a semblance of justice.

He Believed in His Ability To Assert Himself

While many view the concept of revenge negatively, there are instances where a well-executed act of petty revenge can serve as a potent tool for personal growth and empowerment.

Petty revenge, when used carefully and with purpose, can provide individuals with a sense of satisfaction, closure, and a renewed belief in their ability to assert themselves in the face of adversity.

What do you think? Have you ever taken some petty revenge?

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