“Against the Mutilation of Children” – Democratic Voters Alienated by Party’s Gender Policies – “This Is about Child Safeguarding”

In a recent interview with Fox News, Erin Friday, a Democrat, shared her thoughts against the Californian gender policies. Here’s the whole story.

“Removing Healthy Body Parts of Children”

“The party is just not listening to us,” Friday said to Fox News.

“They want to frame this as right versus left, and this is about child safeguarding. It has nothing to do with party affiliation whatsoever.”

“Each one of them has to then be promoting the removal of healthy body parts of children. Otherwise, they would be supporting us. Now, I don’t think they’re reading the tea leaves. I don’t think they’re listening. I don’t think they’re paying attention to the fact that Democratic parents are against the mutilation of children. They want to know what’s happening to their children while they’re at school. They don’t want boys in girls’ sports. I mean, these are just facts,” she continued.

“Democratic Parents Are Against the Mutilation of Children”

She said, “This issue is affecting Democratic families and Republican families. Parents are losing their rights regardless of what party they’re from.”

Friday’s stance on this issue stems from her personal experience.

When her daughter was transitioned without her knowledge by a public school, she understood the importance of involving parents in decisions affecting their children’s lives.

Joining with Jonathan Zachreson, a Republican affiliated with the newly-formed group Protect Kids California, Friday seeks to address the matter, taking it directly to the people of California.

“Democratic Parents Are against the Mutilation of Children”

Remarkably, approximately 80% of the members in Friday’s parents’ group identify as Democrats, reflecting a silent faction whose voices often remain unheard.

Talking to Fox News, Zachreson said, “California is one of the worst of the worst states as it comes to some of these procedures. We have legislators that are completely out of touch with the average Democrat voter and Republican voter in California.”

Together, they petitioned for three 2024 ballot initiatives designed to protect children in the Golden State.

The first initiative aims to prevent minors from receiving gender-affirming care procedures or puberty blockers.

Banning Males From Girl’s Sports

The second initiative proposes that schools must inform parents if their child chooses to adopt a different gender identity than the one corresponding with their biological sex.

The third initiative seeks to effectively ban biological males from competing in girls’ sports.

Zachreson admits that these proposals may encounter significant opposition in California, a traditionally blue state.

While he anticipates broad support, the real challenge lies in gathering the necessary 550,000 ballot signatures within six months, starting in November.

He highlighted the potential impact of their efforts, saying, “If we can show that in the bluest of blue states can shun these practices, then it can happen anywhere in the country.”

“Holding Women Hostage over Abortion vs Self-ID”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Thank you…you are going to get those California signatures! I’m going to tell everyone I know who lives in California… this is progress.”

Another user wrote, “It’s astonishing to me the groupthink here and no one dares speak out against the party. Democrats are literally holding women hostage over abortion vs. self-ID. This is going to hurt Dems badly in 2024.”

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