Agnostic Daughter Feels Pressured To Convert After Receiving Religious Books From Her Devout Christian Mother. Is Her Mom Trying to Re-Indoctrinate Her?

In a recent Reddit post, a user found herself grappling with a gift-giving situation between her agnostic stance and her parents’ deep Christian faith.

She Ignited Discourse When She Revealed Her Agnostic Beliefs

OP, a 24-year-old, revealed her agnostic beliefs to her devoutly Christian parents. As anticipated, this revelation ignited a discourse around morality and religiosity.

The discussion has been tabled mostly and comes up every month or so. OP, out of respect for her parents’ faith, has consciously refrained from engaging in any religious discussions or acts that might undermine their beliefs.

Op’s mom leads an online church group and has become more religious than before. The reason for her behavior was that she experienced near-fatal complications after having surgery last year.

As a result, she credits God for her still being alive saying, “He gave humans the knowledge for my doctor to learn medicine.”

She’s Not Interested in Religious Books

The story began during a road trip when OP’s mother pointed out two books in a gift shop – “Women of Color in the Bible” and “100 Bible Verses for Anxiety and Fear.”

Knowing OP’s love for reading, her mother sought to share something meaningful. OP, however, expressed her disinterest in those particular titles, prompting them to move on.

Months later, on her birthday, OP was confronted with an unexpected twist. Unwrapping her presents, she discovered that the very books she had dismissed earlier were gifted to her by her parents.

OP was disappointed but she maintained her smile and expressed gratitude. 

They Hoped It Would Change Her Mind About Christianity

Later, when she reminded her mom that she was not interested in the books, she got upset and said that she knew OP liked to read and they seemed like good books for her.

OP replied that she wouldn’t be using Bible verses to help her anxiety and said she wasn’t interested in the WOC book.

Things took a turn when OP’s father took her to the side and spoke to her about her reaction to the books and how she seemed disgusted by them.

OP replied that she was not disgusted but upset about it. The father said that her mother bought the books as she expected OP would change her mind about religion.

“She Wants to Re-Indoctrinate You”

OP has kept quiet about her lack of faith, but seeing her mother disregard her interests in favor of pushing her back to Christianity made her more upset.

She took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong in the situation and several Redditors sided with her saying that she was not wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA. You are an adult and get to make your own decisions. Mom is the AH for refusing to acknowledge that simple fact.”

Another Redditor commented, “NTA. She wants to re-indoctrinate you, plain and simple. Follow your own path and decide for yourself, and you need to set clear boundaries with your parents that allow you to be your own person without their interference.”

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