Aisha Hall Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Apogee Financial, Books (Updated)

Aisha Hall is an entrepreneur, musician, writer, and activist. There’s no doubt she’s versatile and a talented internet personality.

She has released two albums so far in her career as an artist. Aisha Hall Project, and American Gangster. Her EP songs can be heard on Soundcloud. 

Full NameAisha Hall
Born in1983
Age39 years old (as of 2022)
ProfessionEntrepreneur, musician, writer, and activist
Height5 feet and 5 inches
Youtube Official ChannelAisha Hall
Aisha Hall Net WorthMore Than $1 Million (Last Updated 2022)

Aisha Hall Net Worth

As of this writing, Aisha’s net worth has been estimated to be more than 1 million dollars.

She has now achieved more success, despite all the ups and downs in her life. In light of her opulent lifestyle and wealth, she surely earned a good living as an artist and writer. As a businesswoman, she has also established herself well.

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Aisha is a published author as well. Her first book is called The Pink Panther Clique. So far, she has published four books. The most recent is Raw Baltimore, published in 2017. This book has received positive reviews on Google.

Thus, she can live a comfortable life from this diversity of income.

Aisha Hall Bio

As of 2022, Aisha is 39 years old. So far, she has not disclosed her date of birth. She was born in 1983 to Collin and Karen Rochester.

Additionally, there is no Wikipedia page for Aisha online. However, her social media presence is very visible. 

Aisha Hall was the CEO of Apogee Financial

Apogee is a multinational company that specializes in document printing services. In addition, it provides outsourcing services. Hall served as the company’s financial CEO at one time.

Aisha Hall is Incarcerated

Aisha Hall was found guilty for both attempting to commit fraud and conspiring to commit fraud.

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The judge sentenced her to 126 months in jail, three years under the supervision of the court, as well as $6.85 million in restitution. The young woman was arrested when she was 25 years old.


Once considered a fraud, she became the author of five books with her creativity.  In just a few years, the 32-year-old was able to get rid of her bad name. She has written the following books.

  • The Pink Panther Clique
  • Keema & Lamar: A Ghetto Love Story
  • Keema & Lamar 2
  • Keema & Lamar 3
  • Caught Up Loving A Boss

“I am currently incarcerated at the Alderson Federal Women’s Camp. I am 31 years old and serving a sentence of over 10 years for wire fraud. I was in private commodities and gold brokerage before this situation. I’ve done about 6 years and will be home for the next two years. Since I have been in prison, I have written 8 novels. I have published 2 and the rest are in the process of being published. I am serious about the change to the justice system in this country. The DOJ from the local police to the federal justice system is out of control and it is certainly a new form of slavery. I was born and raised in New York City, so I’ve seen my share of corruption and violence.”  

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