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Using intermittent fasting, Amanda Tress developed the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, the world’s most popular fitness and nutrition program. Amanda is a savvy businesswoman.

Besides her fitness program results, there is a lot to discover about her business venture, which has grown into a seven-figure enterprise in just three years.

Amanda Tress Net Worth

In 2022, Amanda Tress net worth is $20 million. She normally makes her wealth from professional career. Amanda Tress grew her company from zero to $20 million in three years using the Micro Influence Strategy.

About FASTer Way to Fat Loss

Faster Way to Fat Loss combines carb cycling and intermittent fasting for fat loss in a six-week program. Having tried for ten years, Amanda was finally able to figure out how to break clients’ plateaus with the correct food cycle. This enabled her clients to experience incredible results.

What is Amanda’s Micro-influencer Strategy?

Influencers with a small following are called micro-influencers. Generally, business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, etc. usually approach bloggers with over 1 million followers and try to establish a relationship or affiliate program. Amanda sees this as a grave mistake. 

Her ideal client is someone who has loyal fans and is a micro-influencer. These people have a following of at least 100 people or perhaps as many as 10,000. 

Her definition of a micro-influencer is an individual who has an effective network as well as a small, yet loyal following. 

Amanda’s Marketing Strategy

The key to Amanda’s brand growth was giving up on the hot selfie strategy (easy for Amanda). Instead, she focused on showing off the results of her clients.

By turning the client into a celebrity, she transformed the marketing strategy, making people eager to take part. Sixty thousand people have enrolled in this program in only three years.

Business model

When women own the wealth, communities change. This is the driving force behind the two aspects of her business model.

  • She created an internationally recognized coaching certification. With this program, women will be able to build a successful business with The FASTer Way to Fat Loss.
  • Providing generous commission – Amanda partners with micro-influencers who share her vision and who personally invest in her program.

Amanda’s tools enable people to create wealth, not just work for or with her. This benefits everyone!

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