Amazon Fired Its Recruiting Manager Over Her Emails and It Was All Captured on TikTok

This woman in the United States accidentally captured the moment she was fired while attempting a TikTok in the iconic style of movie director Wes Anderson. In the video she goes through her morning routine in a comedic style before opening the dreaded email and reacting in real time.

She Made a Wes Anderson-Inspired “Day-In-The-Life” Video

Jen Lucas from Atlanta, Georgia, decided to join the viral trend of copying the renowned filmmaker Wes Anderson.

Little did she know that her TikTok would take an unexpected turn. 

While filming her Wes Anderson-inspired “day-in-the-life” video, Lucas received the devastating news that she had been laid off from her job as a recruiting manager at Amazon. 

Like many others during the Covid pandemic, Lucas was working from home. 

Which Garnered 6 Million Views

As her video, which has amassed over 6 million views, reveals, her filming quickly turned into an unexpected disaster.

Lucas shared the video with a text overlay stating that she accidentally captured herself getting laid off. 

In the caption, she contemplated whether to share her experience but ultimately wanted to let others who were laid off know they were not alone.

In a follow-up video, Lucas expressed her shock and disappointment at being laid off by Amazon. 

When She Accidently Filmed Herself Getting Laid Off

Despite being promoted twice last year and having eight years of tenure, the unexpected turn of events hit her hard.

While part of Lucas feels relieved to escape what she describes as a toxic work environment, another part feels like a failure and disappointment. 

She remains resilient, knowing that she possesses value and will bounce back.

“They Laid You off Over EMAILS????!”

TikTok users took to the comments to express their concern for Lucas’ welfare, with one saying, “They laid you off over EMAILS????!”

While others were praising her realistic Wes Anderson approach thanks to the real tragedy element, “This is actually the correct Wes Anderson aesthetic (so sorry for the layoff!! right there with ya).”

How would you feel if this happened to you? Would you post it anyway? Let us know in the comments.

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