Amazon’s Newest Package: Employee Nap Time! Is It a Prime Perk or Overwork Overload?

In a video that has gone viral on TikTok, an Amazon employee was caught napping on the job, but TikTok users don’t think she’s lazy; instead, they believe she’s overworked!

#Amazonsucks, #Underpaid, #Unsafe

The user @rigo.a_ documented their coworker, whom we’ll call Jenny, dozing off atop a mountain of packages.

The video has soared to viral views, reaching over 103k likes. The video was captioned with hashtags such as #workconditions, #amazonsucks, #underpaid, and #unsafe.

The TikTok clip became a battleground for users as some claimed Jenny was lazy, while others believed Amazon was overworking her.

As opinions clashed in the comment section, some individuals blamed Jenny for napping. “Generation Z does not like physical labor,” asserted one user.

“No Wonder Why My Package Is Late!”

A second user berated Amazon workers, “Maybe if y’all would go to bed on time instead of being on your phone or watching Netflix, my packages would arrive on time.”

Another user humorously said, “No wonder why my package is late!”

On the other hand, many viewers empathized with the exhausted worker and viewed the video as evidence of Amazon’s alleged poor working conditions, “Amazon pays good but stress they put on you ain’t worth it.”

“Correct!!! I’ve Been There for Five Years, It’s No Joke!”

“Correct!!! I’ve been there for five years, it’s no joke. Pray she didn’t get fired,” One user added.

We all know how physically demanding a job can be; we just hope she didn’t get fired for the video that this coworker posted.

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